11 Valentine Sensory Bin Ideas for Kids

Here’s our roundup of Valentine sensory bin ideas for kids that are too cute not to play with!

Sensory play is so important for kids (whether naturally in nature) or in a play setup like a sensory bin. And what a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with these adorable, colorful sensory play set ups?

Some are messy, many are not. Our advice: keep it in the bin! Put a tablecloth or sheet underneath your bin or sensory table which also aids in a quick cleanup. And then, let your kids play!

If you’ve got a school age child, check out the fizzy love potions or have your child whip up a batch of aquafaba for science in action.

Photo by Rachel Withers

Valentine Sensory Bin Ideas

chickpeas and hearts sensory play
Photo by Rachel Withers

1. Hearts + Chickpeas

This is a bin we pull out year after year. It’s a sorting station, bakery set up, or add toys for a seasonal play bin.

aquafaba for valentines day
Photo by Rachel Withers

2. Aquafaba for Valentine’s Day

Fluffy and light, aquafaba is taste safe, making it a wonderful sensory play material for babies and toddlers. My kids like to create bakery set ups and scoop it into tins and silicone muffin liners.

painting ice hearts
Photo by Rachel Withers

3. Painted Ice Hearts

Use a silicone mold to create large heart ice cubes. Set out a watercolor palette and let kids get to work!

Photo by Preschool Mama

4. Cloud Dough Hearts

Cloud dough is such a hit with kids and this colorful heart version is just perfect for Valentine’s Day.

hearts water play valentine sensory bin by redviolet studio
Photo by Redviolet Studio

5. All the Hearts Water Play

Catalina has soo many wonderful sensory play ideas for young kids from her art play classes in Miami. If you need some inspiration, she’s got it!

playdough heart bakery
Photo by Rachel Withers

6. Playdough Heart Bakery

When is a playdough bakery more fun thaxn at Valentine’s Day?! Mix up some quick and easy homemade playdough, then set out what you have at home. We especially like: heart rhinestones, candles, bakery tins, cookie cutters, silicone muffin liners and rolling pins.

rice bin with hearts
Photo @corrinne.ashleyy

7. Scoop the Hearts

This sweet bin will keep kids buys scooping and sorting all those hearts!

pink oobleck
Photo by Rachel Withers

8. Valentine Oobleck

Add hearts, gems, pearls, or whatever you may have around your house to a bin of colorful oobleck. Let kids explore and dig for treasure!

Photo by Rachel Withers

9. Love Potions Station

Baking soda + vinegar experiments never disappoint. Add a seasonal spin with colored vinegar and mix-ins.

rainbow rice tray
Photo by Andrea Martelle

10. Rice tray + Hearts

Add hearts to your bin of rainbow rice for a quick and easy Valentine sensory bin for kids.

flower water play bin
Photo by Rachel Withers

11. Flower Station

Set out kids’ scissors, flowers and herbs for a cutting station that transforms into a tea station as well.

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