12 Simple Chore Chart Ideas + Free Printable Chore Charts!

Having a chore chart is a great idea but what about figuring out some great chore chart ideas to put on them? Since children are all different ages, you’ll need to make certain that you have a chore chart with age-appropriate activities for your family.

That’s why I love using a printable chore chart! One of the best parts about having a printable chore chart is that you can easily change direction as needed.

Simply start by narrowing down the choice from all these chore charts below and then get ready to start talking about using it daily with your child. 

Stuck about what to actually put on your chore chart once you have it? I’ve got you covered! I’m also breaking down chore chart ideas by age group below to give you a starting point. 

Plus, since you’re using a printable chore chart, you can simply change it up and reprint it again next week if something doesn’t work. It may take a little experimentation, but your children will be helping out around the house in no time at all!

Age-Appropriate Chore Chart Ideas

For chore charts to be successful, your children need to be able to safely do the chores. Keep in mind that the younger children will have to help out too but they’ll be more limited on what they can and can’t do. Below are some chores broke down by age to have on your chore charts at home.

Chore Ideas for Young Children (6 and below)

During this age, keep the chores simple and engaging. Some ideas include:

  1. Dusting
  2. Sweeping
  3. Wiping down the windows
  4. Cleaning the mirrors
  5. Putting away the clean laundry
  6. Setting the dinner table at night
  7. Feeding the pets
  8. Cleaning their bedroom

child raking leaves for their chores

Chore Ideas for Children aged 7-10

During this age, your kiddos can start to help out a little bit more. Some chore ideas to add to their chore charts include:

  1. Vacuuming
  2. Washing Clothes
  3. Taking out the trash
  4. Putting away the dishes
  5. Sorting the laundry
  6. Pulling weeds outside in the yard
  7. Picking up their bedroom
  8. Raking leaves

Chore Ideas for Teens

Chore Ideas for Tweens and Teens

At this age, there are a lot of chores that can be added to their lists. Some of these chores could include:

  1. Mopping the kitchen floor
  2. Cleaning their bedroom
  3. Helping to declutter rooms in the home
  4. Cleaning the bathroom
  5. Cleaning the baseboards
  6. Wiping out and down the fridge
  7. Helping to mow the lawn (if safe and old enough)
  8. Wash the car

As you can see, all of these simple chore ideas are great things to add to your chore charts. Having the kids help out around the house will soon turn into a habit for them and seem more like a normal daily activity than work.

Free Printable Chore Chart Ideas

Now that you know some great chore chart ideas for the kids in the family, let’s look at some free printable chore charts that you can easily use in your home on a daily basis.

Chore chart by zone

This Chore Chart is full of practical ideas and great for all ages. Why have a chore chart in your house at all if it’s not likely that anyone will actually do the chores.

Check out this easy to use Daily Routine Printable. It’s a simple format that keeps it nice and easy and less stressful for the kids to be able to check off the items that they get done on a daily basis.

In some houses, a morning routine is the sole responsibility of the kids and might be the only “chores” that they have to worry about. This preschool morning chart is a great way to form habits.

You’re going to love this Kids Chore Chart. Not only does it use a lot of visual pictures on it, but it’s created for a wide variety of ages as well. This chart is a great way to get the kids active and engaged in their day.

Why not have the kids help in making their own chore chart? This DIY Chore Chart is a fun way to get everyone involved in creating it from start to finish.

What I love about these No Excuse Chore Cards is that they’re mobile and it allows the kids to take them with them as they’re working through all their chores. They’re not your traditional chore chart, but they’re effective and might be perfect for your home.

More chore printables to consider

Filling in your own chore chart for kids is easy with this Printable Blank Kids Chore Chart. Each day is open and empty and ready to be filled by you!

If you have young kids that you aren’t quite comfortable giving chores to, why not have them try this Daily Visual Schedule? It still gives them a few activities to do and holds them accountable as well.

Take a look at this printable chore chart! Not only does it give you pages of ideas for age-appropriate chores but then it also gives you extra pages to assign and create your chore chart that works for your home, too.

For your preschool-aged child, they’ll love this Preschool Morning Routine printable. It will give them a feeling of being just like the big kids!

Sometimes, when the kids are young enough, just having a list of chores for them to work through is enough. This simple printable might be just what your little helper needs!

Don’t forget this fun chore idea!


Chore Sticks are actually a fun way to get the kids motivated to help out more at home. All you need are some simple popsicle sticks to get started!

See how much fun it can be to find some cute chore printables or ideas to get the kids excited to help out with the housework? Let them decide what printable is going to work best for them, too!

What are some other chore ideas for kids that you would add to the list? I’d love to hear them!

Just pin it below to find the instructions later!

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