20 first day of school signs + photo ideas 📸

Ah, the first day of school.

Maybe it's preschool and you cannot believe your toddler will be away a few days a week. Or, it's the emotion-packed first day of kindergarten that's tugging on your heartstrings. Perhaps your kid is soaring through elementary school and you feel like they're practically already in high school. 😭

Whatever stage your little one is in, you'll probably want to capture the milestone with a quick pic. Enter: first day of school signs. You know the ones where your child fills out what they want to be when they grow up, how old they are, and their teacher for the year. Not only is this a sweet sentiment to look back on for when they're older, but it's a great way to see how much your child has grown throughout the school year.

Here are our favorite (and sweetest) first day of of school sign ideas for your kids:

1. Easel + backpacks

Nothing says first day of school like an easel and backpacks. These cuties are rocking their color-coordinated outfits that match perfectly with the backpacks and backdrop.

2. Share their dream job

Is there anything cuter than seeing kid's dreams shine when​ they're little? We love the idea of sharing what they want to be when they grow up (and yes, it's perfectly acceptable to have multiple jobs on that list). ☺️

3. Chalkboard details

If you can't find a printable sign you love, grab a chalkboard and write out a few details for your child to fill in. This one lists their year, age, teacher, dream job, and date so you can use it for years to come.

4. Share their favorites

When you look back on these each year, it'll be fun to see what their favorite food, activity, book, and colors were.

5. Simple signage

Sometimes creating a first day of school sign is just one more task on your back-to-school to-do list. Print out a simple sign, like this one, and have them pose with it on the first and last day. We can't get over how grown up they look at the end of the year. 😭

6. Pose siblings together

If you can't wrangle all of the kids for individual photos, we love the idea of posing them together. It's *so* sweet to look back on as they grow up together.

7. Share their feelings

This one is simple to recreate and we are obsessed with the 'I am feeling' and 'I love' sections. Grab a poster board and write out different boxes for your kids to fill in—then pose them with their favorite toy.

8. Use a whiteboard

Instead of buying a new sign every year, grab a pre-made whiteboard that you can easily fill out. This one includes their height and favorite food alongside the traditional fill-in-the-blanks.

9. Add 'Class cf' year

How precious is it to add their 'Class of' year? 😭While it may make you tear up a bit more, it's an adorable memento they can collect until they graduate high school.

10. Pose with mama

Join in on the photo fun, mama! This sign was made from a simple frame with chalkboard on the inside.

Use a letter board

For the mamas who already have a letter board sitting around the house, simply rearrange it to spell out their first day of school details. Recreate it by just adding few words and the date.

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