4 Must Have Resources for Preschool Special Education

4 Must Have Resources for Preschool Special Education

If you are a new or veteran preschool special education teacher, here are a few preschool resources that are must haves for your classroom.

Visual Schedules

We all thrive on schedules- preschool students included! Having a solid system for visual schedules from day 1 will instantly build structure into your preschool classroom.

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Morning Work

Starting your day off in a consistent way is a great way for preschool students to know what to expect and reduce any anxieties about school. The Hello Binder is a way to have a differentiated morning work binder for each preschool student that works on important basic skills and life skills.

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File Folders

File Folders are a great hands on activity for non-writers (aka preschool students). They allow the preschool students to independently practice skills. You can even use errorless file folders to increase independence before adding in more difficult skills.

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Morning Meeting or Circle Time

Once all preschool students are in the classroom completing morning work, it’s time for a morning meeting or circle time. This whole group time should be highly supported and hands on in the preschool setting. Utilizing real pictures helps students to make connections. Start with 3-4 morning meeting activities and expand as students are able to sit and attend for longer periods as the year goes on.

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