5 homemade Father’s Day gifts dad will cherish forever

5 homemade Father’s Day gifts dad will cherish forever

My husband, a father of three, doesn't like to have a lot of stuff. He is a practical guy who doesn't need or want for much, and let me tell you, finding a gift for uber-practical people can be tough!

As a former preschool teacher, I saw similar character traits in the dads of the students I taught. They weren't ones to hold on to every piece of artwork their child created, if you catch my drift. But when it came to Father's Day, they were honored to receive the thoughtful gifts their child made for them. Over the years, I have seen what gifts were appreciated and used by the dads and which ones didn't last past a few months.

Here are the top five projects I have found that kids can make—which produce a cherished keepsake. They're somewhat easy and well-suited for any child to give to their father this holiday, from babies to teens. (Although the younger the child, the more supervision and assistance they will need.)

1. Sports Ball Handprint

If the dad in your life loves sports, this is a simple and thoughtful keepsake he will cherish forever. Grab a ball from the sport he loves most and have each child leave a handprint on it using this nontoxic stamp ink. Then place it in one of these cases (Football size, baseball size, basketball size). This will make a great keepsake on his office bookshelf or desk!

Source: Horton Lane

2. Handprint and questions about dad

This simple activity will warm dad's heart this year! The best part about this project is doing it every year, so he can see just how much their child has grown in size and vocabulary. This project is perfect for children three and up, but younger kids can enjoy it depending on their vocabulary and listening comprehension.

This project requires minimal supplies. All you need is washable paint in the color of your choice, a piece of paper, and a pen or printer. Paint the child's hand and have them leave their handprint on the paper, where the following questions are listed below.

  • Why do you love Daddy?
  • What does Daddy always say to you?
  • What makes Daddy happy?
  • How does Daddy make you laugh?
  • What is Daddy really good at?
  • What is Daddy's favorite food?

Leave space in between each question to fill out their answers if you are handwriting them. Write down word for word what they say, pauses, and verbal static included. Be sure to write the year at the top. Then add it to Leather 3 Ring Binder from Amazon each year. Dad will love seeing how much the answers and their handprints change as they grow!

Photo: Horton Lane

3. Shrink wrap keychain

This Shrink Wrap Keychain Kit from Amazon allows you to make any drawing into an adorable keychain. This was an activity the kids loved to make, and the fathers loved this keepsake! This kit comes with everything you need, including easy to understand instructions. Create your design on the provided shrink wrap, cut, and place in the oven.

Photo: Crafty Morning

4. Personalized decorated apron

Get these Solid Color Aprons set of 2 from Amazon and this fabric paint set to create a work of art for dad to sport next time he hits the grill! Something as simple as painting the word "Dad" with a painted handprint heart will mean so much to him this Father's Day. Or you can do this adorable design by That's What Che Said. Even babies can lend a hand- or footprint!

Photo: That's What Che Said

5. Personalized Grilling Spatula

While we are talking about grilling, a personalized spatula is the perfect practical yet thoughtful gift for the dad who loves to grill! Get the tutorial from Skip to My Lou.

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