Alphabet Puzzles

Alphabet Puzzles

These alphabet letter puzzles make for a super fun learning center activity that is engaging, fun and skill focused! Just print and laminate the base boards and puzzle pieces for endless fun for your kindergarten or preschool students.

Your little learners will find the matching position for each section on their letter shaped puzzle mat!
Letter Puzzles From the Pond
We've included:
  • puzzle mats with keywords to assist piece placement
  • optional blank puzzle mats (no keywords to assist)
  • blackline puzzle-piece option for printing on colored paper
Alphabet for Kindergarten
A puzzle is included for all lower case letters a-z. Each puzzle piece has a picture and word beginning with the letter.
Letters of the Alphabet

This activity can be used in a structured game rotation program, as a literacy center or in guided reading groups. Once taught, it also makes a fantastic 'fast-finisher' activities for revision of key concepts.

Use the blackline puzzle pieces to save on ink or for copying on bright colored paper.
Kindergarten Letter Activities

Alphabet Letter Puzzles From the Pond