Books About Flowers for Kids

Marigolds, petunias, tulips, zinnias, violets, sunflowers, and the list goes on.  Flowers are in bloom in spring and summer and there are lots of books about flowers for kids to celebrate these beauties.  Let’s jump into these books for kids.


Toddler Books About Flowers

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Rainbows in Bloom: Discovering Colors with Flowers by the Putnams is a visual feast for the eyes. Explore the colors of the rainbow through a bounty of flowers in this lift-the-pages board book. (board book)


Wildflowers Grow by Amber Hendricks takes us underground to where a seed is planted. We watch it grow, push through the dirt, and eventually bloom into a field of wildflowers. (board book)

Preschool Books About Flowers


A Good Place by Lucy Cousins celebrates a very good home for four insects. Where is that place? Well, a flower garden of course.


From the crocuses that blossom announcing to spring to the tulips that blaze with bursts of color, celebrate all the flowers in A Season of Flowers by Michael Garland.


Get ready to read about marigolds, buttercups, azaleas, and more in Watch Me Bloom by Krina Patel-Sage. I’m just in love with the book cover!


Another poetry book to enjoy about flowers is Moving Words About a Flower by K. C. Hayes.  Some consider a dandelion a weed but it’s probably one of the most picked flowers by little ones!  Learn about how the seeds of a dandelion travel in these concrete poems.


Learn about the colors of the rainbow and all the glorious flowers that come in those colors in Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert.  A perfect spring read.  And, enjoy these Planting a Rainbow activities.


Get ready to be dazzled by some beautiful photography in  Bloom Boom by April Pulley Sayre.


Learn about spring flowers in Spring Walk by Virginia Brimhall Snow.  Kids will most likely be inspired to plant their own flowers.


For more amazing photography, check out A Seed is the Start by Melissa Stewart. The book starts underground and follows a seedling as it grows through stunning National Geographic quality photos.  Plus, there is engaging text to match.


I can’t help it…this time of year I’m all about the gardening books for kids. One Little Seed by Becky Davies has heavy-duty durable pages that will hold up in the garden as you explore learning about nature with all the information under the lift-the-flaps.


It Starts With a Bee by Jennifer Webber shows us bees bring the world into bloom. Buzz around with the bees as they travel from flower to flower.


This Is the Sunflower by Lola M. Schaefer is a cumulative story celebrating one of the most fun flowers to grow especially for their height.


One of my favorite thing to plant in fall (besides garlic) is flower bulbs, especially tulips!  In Bloom: Ode to Spring by Deborah Diesen celebrates this planting and then the reward that comes in spring.


What’s Inside A Flower?: And Other Questions About Science & Nature by Rachel Ignotofsky takes a beautifully illustrated look at the parts of a flower and how those flowers grow.


It can be tough to find a book featuring boys + flowers.  But the wordless Oscar’s Tower of Flowers by Lauren Tobia fits the bill.

Children’s Books About Flowers for Kindergarten and Up


A Crown for Corina by Laekan Zea Kemp allows us to walk through Aubela’s garden to collect meaningful flowers for a birthday crown.  Each flower represents something special to Corina that celebrates her past, present, and future.


Sweet Pea Summer by Hazel Mitchell is the story of a young girl who stays with her grandparents while her mom has to go to the hospital. At first, things are hard, but the girl soon begins working with her grandfather in his garden. The young girl cares for some sweet peas in hopes of entering them into a contest. With lots of love, learning, and patience, her sweet peas bloom and even win a prize. But, the best prize is her parents showing up and her mom being released from the hospital. The illustrations are just lovely.


Celia Planted a Garden: The Story of Celia Thaxter and Her Island Garden by Phyllis Root and Gary D. Schmidt introduces us to a writer, painter, and gardener. Not only did Celia Thaxter create a flower garden, but she also wrote about the flowers in poems that were published in magazines and books.


The Night Flower by Lara Hawthorne takes us to the desert and introduces us to the bloom of the saguaro cactus. Meet all the animals that come to visit it too from the mice to the fruit bats.

Printable Book List of Flower Books

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The post Books About Flowers for Kids appeared first on Growing Book by Book.