Bubbles…Up! Activities

Pool weather has arrived. Enjoy the new book, Bubbles…Up! and then head outside for these Bubbles…Up! activities.


Bubbles…Up! Book

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bubbles up book

Bubbles…Up! by Jacqueline Davies is the story of fun and play at the pool until the thunder arrives.  But, after a brief interruption, pool time continues.  Let the bubbly play resume.

Bubbles…Up! Activities

Enjoy these playful bubble and pool-themed early literacy activities.

Up Through the Bubbles


Skill Focus: Beginning Sound Identification

Materials: tub, water, soap, small waterproof toys, towel

Set-Up: Fill the tub with water.  Add soap and stir with your hand to create lots of bubbles.  Drop in small waterproof toys.

Play:  Have students reach into the bubbles and pull up an object.  Name the object.  Identify the beginning sound.  Lay on the towel and continue until all objects have been retrieved.


-Add various tools such as tongs or spoons to work on fine motor building to retrieve the items.

-Use waterproof letters instead of objects and identify letters for practicing recognition.

-Work on ending sounds instead of beginning sounds.

Color Letter Bubbles


Skill Focus: Fine Motor and Letter Identification

Materials: suction cup bath mat, washable markers, cup of water, pipette, magnifying glass (optional)

Set-Up: Turn the bath mat with suction cups facing upwards in a surface that can get wet. Write letters of the alphabet in the suction cup of the bath mat with the washable marker.

Fill a small container with water and place a pipette and magnifying glass nearby.

Play: Have students identify the letters on the mat.  They can use the magnifying glass for a fun flair and make the letter bigger.

Next, have the students will their pipette and fill each letter bowl with water.  They will watch the water transform into a color.  Continue until all letter spots have been filled.


-Work on patterning with the colors on the bath mat.

Pop a Letter Bubble


Skill Focus: Letter and Number Discrimination

Materials: large bubble bubble wrap, foam letter and number stickers, a pointy tool (pin, sharpened pencil, etc.) you feel comfortable letting your students use

Set-Up: Place a letter or number sticker on each bubble.  Place your point object next to the work surface.

Play: Ask students to poke each letter on their bubble map.  They can then go back and push the air out of the poked spots.


-Have students peel off the stickers and match them on a sheet of paper with letters randomly written.

-Call out individual letters for students to pop.

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