Class of 2020 Senior Feature: Brenna Pazour

Class of 2020 Senior Feature: Brenna Pazour

In the middle of the craziest spring we’ve seen, we love taking a moment to pause and celebrate our graduating seniors.  All of our 5 seniors have danced at the studio since they were very young and we’re SO proud of the dancers and people they have become.  Please join us in taking a moment to give today’s featured senior, Caitlin, some love and congratulations!

Senior Year at The Pointe

For many dancers, dancing all the way through their senior year is a big goal and a major accomplishment – many of our graduating seniors started dancing with us when they were in preschool!  We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their lives for so long and to get to watch them grow up into confident, thoughtful, and hard-working young adults.

Senior year is a special one – many of our seniors take classes and serve as Junior Faculty at The Pointe – assisting in Dance & Discover or Level 1 and 2 classes and even helping with some competition practices over studio breaks.  Seniors are all featured on canvases in the lounge that will be graduation gifts for them showcasing their well-earned skill and artistry in dance.

This year, we are dedicating a senior showcase to these dancers at the end of our Red Carpet Recital Experience week.  They’ll perform their senior solos, you’ll get to see their senior dance, and our live-streamed performance from the studio will be a special opportunity for our community and family and friends from afar to send messages to these dancers congratulating them on all of their successes in dance, school, and other activities and wishing them well as they prepare for their next chapter.

Our senior showcase will stream LIVE on our studio’s Facebook page on Friday, June 5, at 5 PM.  We expect it to be about one hour in length – mark your calendars for an event that will be one we’ll remember for a long time to come.

















Senior Feature: Brenna Pazour



Brenna’s Dance Bio

Brenna has been dancing at the studio since she was three!  She has been a part of our competitive program since 5th grade.  Brenna is a dedicated Company dancer – this year, she competed in our Production, Lyrical large group, Contemporary large group, Contemporary small group, and two solos. In addition to dancing at the studio, Brenna has been a member of the Linn-Mar HS Varsity Color Guard and in show choir for 6 years in middle and high school.

“I have been fortunate to work with Brenna at the studio in classes and competition groups and in color guard at the high school.  Brenna is very goal-oriented and dedicated to everything she does, always giving her best effort.  She takes initiative to do whatever needs to be done, is always willing to help others, and strives for excellence in all areas of her life.  Brenna is not only naturally gifted in dancing and performing, she is an incredibly hard worker. I have loved working with Brenna in classes, competition rehearsals, color guard, and her solos.  She’s a joy to choreograph on – always willing to try a new challenge. Her willingness to do the hard work, initiative, and drive for positive results will take her far.”
– Vanessa

In Her Own Words…

1. How long have you been dancing?

I have been dancing at Donna’s Dance Place/ The Pointe School of Dance since I was three years old and have been doing competition dance since 5th grade. In addition to dancing at the studio, I was a member of the Linn-Mar color guard for four years and a member of the Linn-Mar show choir department for 6 years.

2. What is your favorite dance that you have performed?

My favorite dance that I’ve performed in (this is a hard question haha) is probably “Dream On.” I performed this dance when I was in sixth grade and it was a Junior Elite company dance choreographed by Vanessa.

3. Favorite dance memory?

I don’t have a specific favorite memory from dance but favorite memories were definitely made hanging out with my friends and coaches at dance competitions and other performances.

4. Favorite genre of dance?

My favorite style of dance is probably a tie between jazz and pointe.

5. Finish this sentence: I love dancing because…

I love dancing because it gives me a way to escape from everyday life and acts as a creative outlet. I love how dance always challenges me to be a better dancer and a better person.

6. What are you looking forward to the most in finishing out your senior year in dance?

I am looking forward to performing my solo one last time as well as performing the senior dance with my friends.

7. Plans after High School?

After high school I plan on attending Iowa State University and majoring in chemistry.

8. Advice for younger dancers?

My advice for younger dancers is to cherish every moment, always come to class (even when you don’t want to), and work as hard as you can because it’s going to be over before you know it.


Congratulations, Brenna!  We are all so proud of you.


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