Decorate the Christmas Tree with Sight Words

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Learning sight words with a fun holiday twist!

We’ve done a similar Christmas tree activity last year that I shared on PBS Parents. I can’t believe the difference in what my preschooler is learning this year compared to last!

Last year it was ABCs! This year…. sight words!

We haven’t practiced sight words at home at all, because his preschool teacher hasn’t pushed it.

They work on one word a week, very basic and slow-paced.

Since half the school year is almost over, I decided to see what George has been learning in school!

What sight words does he know?

Sight word practice by decorating a Christmas tree

I cut out a Christmas tree and wrote the sight words that he’s been working on at school. I wrote them randomly in the place of ornaments.

I then cut out various different colors circles to be ornaments and wrote the same sight words on them. I even cut out a star with a sight word!

(I use colored cardstock for this, affiliate link. It’s slightly heavier and more durable.)

George then took the ornaments and matched them to sight words on the tree and glued them in place.

Make sight word ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree

He needed some help with the words. That was expected.

It was great repetition for him to ask me what the sight word was on the ornament, look at it to find the match on the tree, and then tell me the sight word again.

Match the sight words to the Christmas tree

When he was all finished matching the sight words, the tree was decorated!

We then went over all the sight words again. He told me the ones he knew.

There were a few he didn’t know, so I asked him if he could find the word “can”, for example.

What are the sight words on the Christmas tree?

This Christmas tree decorating activity can be used to work on a multitude of learning concepts, much like the Christmas tree puzzle that Sarah shared last week.

If you’re not to working on sight words yet, try one of the following:

  • ABC to ABC
  • ABC to abc
  • abc to abc
  • 123 to dots
  • 123 to 123
  • 1+1 to 2
  • 2-1 to 1
  • Shape to shape
  • just decorate it with no learning (it’s still amazing for fine motor control)

Products I recommend to practice sight words:

These product links are affiliate links to help provide you with easy ways to learn and practice sight words with your kids.