FREE Preschool Software Trial: ABC Mouse for Kids, Great School Supplement

ABC_Mouse _class

Enjoying summer? We are and what better way to start than to “trick” your kids into studying learning playing games than this FREE Preschool Software Trial . is  ready to get your little one prepared for school with their 30 Day FREE offer! offers full online ciurrculim for kids Preschool and up with 10 levels, 850 lessons, and more than 9000 individual learning activities to keep their minds exploring – for hours!

Core Education Subjects Include:

  • Reading(the alphabet, phonics, sight words, children’s books)
  • Math (numbers, shapes, patterns, measurement)
  • The World Around Us (basic science and social studies)
  • Art and Music (drawing and coloring, tracing, paint-by-numbers, children’s songs, and more!

My household took advantage of  this FREE ABCmouse Trial Offer for 30 Days. I can not express the fun we  shared around the family desktop.  With so many lessons and learning activities it kept the little ones laughing and progressing with every click.  My children loved to roam from the classroom to the zoo, to the farm and back to the classroom.  Their laughter even made me, the mom, happy. I was surely able to get a lot done!

Each day, after a parental login, your child will be greeted with a home-menu like the one below offering them multiple ways to start their day.   They can discover what is NEW or take part in the days Feature Active, explore the classroom, or choose to work ahead on their Things To-do.  Your child’s page will map his or her progress in an easy to understand  method that will keep them moving along.

Below we just started our 5 year program  take a look,  you can see  we will be challenged with over 707 lessons and activities!

ABC_Mouse_login  curriculum  includes six different types of activities to address the way your child learns:

  • Children’s Books
  • Children’s Songs
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Art Activities
  • Printables – great for taking it to the restaurant, car, doctors office and more offers the largest collection of online education activities for young children on the web:

  • More than 250 online children’s books
  • More than 100 online children’s songs
  • More than 650 online children’s art activities, including online coloring and online paint-by-numbers activities
  • More than 250 online educational games for children, including online phonics games, online number games and other online math games
  • More than 550 online children’s puzzles 

For your comfort, mothers, creates a safe online learning experience with no advertisements, no pop-up ads, and no links to other websites.   With the Step-by-Step Learning Path it was easy for me to allow their online teacher to progress their minds for Guided Learning, or to even turn them loose  for some  Independent Learning – knowing they were secure with

A few of my favorite features I have only seen with ABCmouse; for my smallest child to be able to break each word up by syllables, record his voice, play it  back, and then pronounce the word correctly was great!  My oldest loved to give each lesson a try to earn tickets.  Then cash the tickets in for rewards and prizes for their room, hamster, fish, and etc.  Collecting tickets kept them both playing and asking for more learning time day after day!

The first 30 days are 100% FREE after that just $9.95 a month.    This is a limited time deal, but  you can cancel your account anytime on the “my account” page in the Parents section. Really simple and one offer that this household continues to explore!


Happy Learning – Enjoy your FREE ABCmouse Trial!