Happiest Heart Day

Happy Valentine’s Day friends. I had a very sweet day with my sweet boy.

Not only was today Valentine’s Day but it was also Finn’s leader day so we did lots of prep on Monday afternoon to prepare.

heart shaped fruit

As part of Finn’s leader day, we bring the morning snack for the class. I spent way too much time researching Valentine’s snack ideas on Sunday and landed on heart-shaped fruit skewers. I didn’t want to do anything baked/sugary because they were having a class Valentine’s party later in the day.

Valentine's Day fruit

I think they turned out so cute! Crafts are a little outside of my wheelhouse but make it food-centric and I’m down!


We also got all of his Valentine’s cards/treats ready to go for the class exchange. Finn chose dinosaur Valentine’s cards and I found some larabar kid’s chocolate brownies with dinosaur packaging to make them a little more festive!

Finn started his Valentine’s Day on the couch with a “Mema bagel,” Christmas jammies and TV. He has been hooked on cinnamon sugar bagels since we were in Florida for Christmas and this week he’s eating them on Dave’s Killer Bread Boomin’ Berry Bagels. Finn loves a slow and relaxed wake up, which I am down for. The only thing is that his TV preferences have shifted lately from cute shows on Netflix to watching people look for Pokemon or play video games on YouTube. Help.

valentine's themed preschool lunch

I was pretty proud of my heart-themed lunchbox today. 🙂

Myer's park Charlotte

I got Finn off to preschool and then headed over to the gym to train a client and workout. I had to get myself outside because the weather was so gorgeous – 65 and sunny. I ran an easy 5K and then did 30 minutes of lifting.

Valentine's Day 4 year old

I set Finn’s Valentine’s treats up to surprise him when he got home from school and then went and scooped him up after Soccer Shots. He went crazy over his stuffed Pokemon, Reese’s, card and balloon.

preschool valentine's

And had so much fun going through all of his Valentine’s from his classmates.We spent the rest of the afternoon doing things around the house, hanging out in the back yard and at the car wash.

My car was in desperate need of a wash + interior vacuuming but it’s also such a great kid activity. I don’t think I’ve been to the car wash without Finn since he was born, haha. I almost signed up for a monthly unlimited membership today.

Charlotte yoga Charlotte nc

My day wrapped up at Charlotte Yoga where I taught my regular Tuesday night class. Finn is usually with his dad on Tuesdays but we switched this week due to some travel stuff. Finn hung out with one of his favorite neighborhood babysitters (I left them in Pokemon heaven) while I taught.

Class was great and here’s what I want to say about my thoughts on love this Valentine’s week.

I feel like Valentine’s Day has become EXTRA special/fun since having a kid. On one hand, I understand and appreciate love on a completely different level. On another hand, it’s so much fun to make it festive for Finn.

I just find myself extra appreciative of how love shows up in my life in so many ways. It motivates me tremendously around the opportunity to share and spread love to others.

BUT…I had this strong knowing hit me this week that I need to work equally on RECEIVING love from others. I feel like it is very easy for many of us to give more than we allow ourselves to receive. Personally, I have to continually do work around opening, softening and allowing myself to be seen and loved. <3

That’s all from me on this Valentine’s Day. Love others, love yourself and let yourself be loved.


How was your Valentine’s Day? Did you celebrate or do anything fun? 

Are you better at giving or receiving love? 

Has Valentine’s Day changed for you since having kids?

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