How I Plan for The Last 10 Days of School

End of year is here and so is the STRESS! I’m so thankful for the resource from Simply Special Ed. It helped make my last 10 days a breeze! Woo hoo! Check out what’s included below! This resource can be found here.

Last 10 days lesson plan overview
Last 10 Days Plan

Last 10 Days Plan

One thing I appreciate about this resource, is that it came with a lesson plan that includes 5 activities per day for 10 days. This information was edited to fit my lesson plan template and school requirements. I omitted what I did not want to use and was easily able to replace with other activities. My favorite part is how everyday is a different theme which makes it really fun and exciting for the end of year. The overview helps you plan for the entire 10 days all at once. Activities like the sensory bins/trays can also be kept for centers or independent activities throughout the remained of the school year.

Last 10 days - 5 activities
5 activities per day

Sensory Activities

Shaving Cream Sensory Activity

The “Last 10 Days” includes a variety of sensory activities that are easy to set up! This one is one of my favorites since the students love getting their hands all foamy from the shaving cream. A few other sensory activities included are: beach sensory bags, left over sensory play, ocean alphabet sensory tray, sand foam and so much more! In addition, this resource offers cooking activities perfect for any life skills classroom! A few of my favorites are: zoo snack mix cooking, ice cream party and cold s’mores cooking lesson. See more sensory bin ideas here.

Shaving cream activity
Shaving cream activity

Last 10 Days Book

Last 10 days booklet
Last 10 Days booklet

The “Last 10 Days Book” is like an End of Year ( EOY) Book which showcases all of their favorite things about school. I love this because we made it exciting for the students. It starts with Day 10 so we count down every time we work on this book until we reach the “Last Day” page. The pages range from questions about your favorite ice scream, your favorite zoo animal to your favorite thing to do on the beach and what will you miss about school.

Each day, my students were told which supplies they would use which made it more engaging. One day we use color pencils, another day we use cut outs from magazines, paint and one day students just wanted to write more instead of drawing. Overall, they really enjoyed this project and it was a nice easy EOY activity to send home.

Used magazine cut outs
Used magazine cut outs
Social Story- I put this in one of my students ESY boxes after we finished.
Social Story- I put this in one of my students ESY boxes after we finished class activities.
Resource is available in color and black and white

For more resources and or information check out the Simply Special Ed website. If you’re like me and already thinking about how to better prepare for next year; check out The Complete Guide to Preschool Sorting Activities or New to Special Ed? Start Here Blog. Until next time!

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