Mermaid Sight Word Game

Practicing sight words will be a splash with this fun mermaid sight word game! Kids read and write sight words as they swim their way to the treasure chest. It’s a great addition to your literacy centers and word work time.

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Getting Ready

This sight word game was super quick and easy to prep! Just print the game board and either laminate it or put it in a plastic sleeve to make it more durable. Print a recording sheet for each student.  Grab a die, some space markers, and a pencil for each kiddo, and you’re set!

Mermaid Sight Word Game

My kids love mermaids, so they were super excited to play this new game! Little Sister (preschool) rolled first. She got a 3! She moved her space marker 3 and landed on “what.”

She read the word and then wrote it on her recording sheet.

The kids took turns rolling, reading and writing the sight words. We kept playing until everyone reached the treasure chest. If the kids don’t fill their recording sheet, they can start over and play the sight word game again.

It was a great activity that not only worked on sight words, but handwriting, too!

Grab Your Copy

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