It says a lot when my 10 year old is so motivated to play a game meant for 5 year olds that he will orchestrate playing with his younger siblings. Outfoxed! is absolutely a winner of a game in my book. I helped my kids the very first time they played this game and I was impressed by how fun this game was. It is no surprise that my son who loves mysteries and detective stories loves this game in which you have to figure out which of the suspect foxes is the thief.

Outfoxed by Gamewright

Outfoxed Info

Product: Outfoxed
Company: Gamewright
Website: https://gamewright.com/product/Outfoxed
Recommended Age Range: 5 and up (though our newly 4 year old loves this game too)
Price Range: ~$20
Amazon Product Page (Affiliate Link)


I really love this game. Who doesn’t like a game in which you get to use a special decoder? It is seriously so fun. Whoever came up with the concept behind this game was extremely clever and inventive.

Outfoxed is reminiscent of Guess Who. You have to use yes or no questions (like is the thief wearing white gloves or carrying a briefcase) to eliminate suspects and ultimate figure out which fox stole the pie.

However, instead of asking questions, you move around the board collecting picture clues (like a briefcase) and then use the decoder to figure out whether the suspect has or does not have the clue included in their outfit. The concept behind this game is really pure genius.

I also appreciate that this game is a cooperative game. All the players are trying to catch the thief before he makes it to the end of the game board. Cooperative games are perfect for families with kids covering a wide age span. It is too bad that it is limited to four players, but really, there is no reason why you couldn’t add extra game pieces and have others play as well.

If you wanted to make the game easier to win, you could have the fox only move 1 or 2 spaces for unsuccessful rolls instead of 3. As is, I’d say we lose about a third of the time, which is a good amount, but for kids that are very sensitive to loss, you could make the game easier to win while you are learning the game.

This is currently my absolute favorite game to play with my preschooler and 1st grader. The fact that my third and fifth grader likes playing it as well demonstrates this game’s wide appeal.

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