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Goodness gracious – Tuesdays are becoming quite the marathon day. I started at 7a and I’m sitting on the couch at 8:45p still going…but I’m here for it. I trained five clients and taught a yoga class today. I also worked on my app and drafted a blog post for a partnership. I try to cram a lot of in-person work into the days that I don’t have Finn so it feels doable because it’s not every single day.

The one thing that did not happen today was a workout. I haven’t been sleeping well lately and between my busy schedule and energy level, I just didn’t have it in me. I thought maybe I’d walk the dogs when I got home tonight but a hot shower and PJs won.

Lots of randomness from life lately for you in today’s post!

cavapoo puppy

Dorie got a new puppy a few months ago. He’s a cavapoo and his name is Dax. Finn and I helped out with him while Dorie was traveling last week and Finn absolutely adored Dax. What a little nugget!

We’ll stay with Finn for now. Here he is at the grocery store in all his snack aisle glory. We were there to get bananas to make his favorite banana muffins for his class snack on his leader day. He told me his belly was hungry and he needed to hit the snack aisle.

Last Finn photo…I picked him up from preschool last week and learned they’d had “camp out day.” They spent the entire day outside doing camping-type activities. They had tents, s’mores, camp chairs, a fake fire, etc. I died. These preschool teachers are THE BEST!

qc hydrate

Finn went to spend the weekend with his dad last Friday. I had four training sessions at the gym and then came home for a big treat. Amanda from QC Hydrate came over to do an in-home IV drip! Here’s how the process went down.

  • Signing paperwork.
  • Blood pressure reading.
  • Treatment – I had a quench drip which was a combo of B vitamins and minerals. QC Hydrate has a whole menu of drips to choose from.
  • The infusion took about 20 minutes and I felt great after!

I really enjoyed meeting Amanda and learning more about her mobile/in-home drip business.  She has ton of experience in nursing and started this business during COVID times. It’s super convenient to have this service done at home.

Apple Watch running

Must have really given me a boost because I ran a super fast (for me) three miles before taking a yoga class. I sweated my booty off in yoga but felt amazing after.

jen eddins fitness

My Saturday was very work-focused. I had a coffee meeting in the morning and a meeting about a yoga teacher training early afternoon. I finished my day with a few hours of filming at Metro for my new app. We are getting soooooooooo close but it’s been a crazy process to completely switch platforms and the way we’re doing things. Every day is like the mind blown emoji. Haha.

Reminder: get on the waiting list for my new app here. I’ll be sending out an announcement when it launches with a super special offer for those on this list! 😉

insight timer app

My Sunday was ON POINT! It started with meditation, chanting and journaling. I have recently recommitted to my meditation practice and it’s been everything I need. I love the Insight Timer app and cannot recommend it enough. I flip back and forth between doing seated silent meditations and guided meditations. Lately, I’ve been feeling guided mediations. My faves are from Davidji, Tara Brach and Sara Blondin.

Next up was a walk with a friend, a yoga class at Khali with my friend Ian, training a client, working on the computer to edit videos I shot the day before and another walk with a friend. My favorite way to catch up with friends these days is walking.

Apple Watch fitness

I ended Sunday with almost 19,000 steps and a very happy heart!

This is the end for me! I have a 6a client tomorrow so it’s definitely time to head to bed. I am mostly just counting down the minutes until preschool pickup because I cannot wait to see my boy tomorrow. 🙂


Do you meditate? Have you tried meditating? Any questions about meditation?

Do you use/have you used any kind of workout/fitness/yoga app? Would love to hear about it! 

Are you a big dog or small dog kind of person? 

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