Rhyming Scavenger Hunt

Rhyming Scavenger Hunt

Make learning even more fun with this free 4-page rhyming scavenger hunt. You can play this game as challenging scavenger hunt game or use it to supplement a home-school or classroom lesson.

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Scavenger hunts are a great game for children of all ages and abilities. This rhyming scavenger hunt is a bit more challenging than traditional scavenger hunts because it requires more thinking and problem solving than just finding the item on the game board.

This free printable scavenger hunt is ideal for

  • Rhyming scavenger hunts for preschool, with some help from an adult
  • Rhyming scavenger hunts for kindergarten
  • Rhyming games for elementary school
  • Scavenger hunts for ESL or ELL students

There are simple ways to adapt the game for play by children of all abilities.

  • You can guide children to brainstorm rhyming words while looking for the items.
  • You can help the child work backwards from a found item to find if it rhymes with an item on the game board.
  • You can play the game with the child and help them brainstorm and figure out the rhyming items as you play the scavenger hunt together.

Benefits of Rhyming Games

  • Children learn while having fun.
  • Learning to recognize rhyming words helps in reading and spelling skills.
  • Learning word families.
  • Encourages language development.
  • Helps children learn to identify the different sounds in a word.
  • Builds listening skills as they listen for words that rhyme.
  • Builds social skills as children play a fun game together.
  • Develops focus and attention span.
  • Encourages problem solving skills.
  • Develops observations skills, particularly scavenger hunts.

Rhyming Scavenger Hunt

How to Play this Rhyming Scavenger Hunt Game

  • You can play this rhyming scavenger hunt game inside or outside. You will want to look over the four different game sheets and the play area to make sure that there are objects that will rhyme in the area.
  • You can always stage rhyming objects in the play area if they are not already available. You can even stage images of objects that will rhyme.
  • Clearly designate the boundaries of the game play area. This is important whether you are playing inside or outside.
  • Decide whether you will require the players to to find all the clues or just some of them. You can choose to play the scavenger hunt like bingo by being the first to find all the items a column or row.
  • Players should write down the rhyming item she finds in the space below the image in each block on the game boards.
  • If the child is unable to write the word himself, you can have an adult or older child team up with the player to write the work in the block.
  • You can have players play the rhyming scavenger hunt individually or in teams.
  • Decide whether you will play the game until
    • One player finds all the items on their game board
    • All the players find all the items on their game boards
    • For a set amount of time
  • Decide whether the winner wins a prize or bragging rights.
    • My family plays for bragging rights and we celebrate all the clues that are found.
    • Rather than a physical prize, you can award the winner a favor or experiential prize. Leading a classroom line, choosing the meal for dinner, a later bedtime or extra outdoor playtime are always great choices.
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How to Print the Rhyming Scavenger Hunt

  • Download the Rhyming Scavenger Hunt printable sheets by clicking on the link in the Resource Library.
  • When the document opens, right click on the document and save it to your computer.
  • Print the game boards out on computer paper or heavier card stock paper so that they will hold up better to enthusiastic scavenger hunt play.
  • You can print out these scavenger hunt pages as many time as you like for your personal or classroom use.

I’ve gathered 20 of my most popular scavenger hunt games with a total of 80 different scavenger hunt game boards in my Big Bundle of Scavenger Hunts.

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More Learning Scavenger Hunts & Activities

Pin this Rhyming Scavenger Hunt so that you can easily find it again in the future.

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