The Best Spider-Man Toys for Every Sort of Avenger

While the web-slinging nerd may have been the laughing stock of the Marvel Universe, a few great films with the endlessly-lovable Tom Holland have truly put Spidey back among the front runners. Spider-Man is back and better than ever.

You’ve probably noticed this resurgence of Spider-Man based on his appearance on your kids’ wish lists. They’re likely stuffed full of a range of Marvel Spiderman toys. That’s why this year, anything Spidey is a good bet for the Marvel-crazy kids you know.

But as with all toy shopping, finding the perfect super hero toys can be a battle. To help cut down your time spent shopping, we’ve rounded up some of the best Spider-Man toys you can order online right now. They range from Marvel Spiderman action figures and costumes to LEGOs and web shooters. There’s something for every Spidey fan. 

First, we’ll run through the concepts behind Spider-Man toys for all ages and then we’ll show you our 25 favorite toys available for purchase online.

Spider-Man Toys for Toddlers

Whether you’ve instilled a healthy admiration for superheroes in your offspring or your toddler was born with high levels of protectionism, Marvel toys may have become a mainstay in your kid’s room. Thanks to his young, fun loving nature and the fact that the movies range from cartoons to nonviolent action, Spider-Man is the ideal superhero for people of all ages, including toddlers. The best Spider-Man toys for toddlers are highly varied, but we recommend looking for plush Spider-Man dolls, costumes or Playskool figurines if your son or daughter is four years old or younger.

Spider-Man Toys for Kids

Kids are probably the demographic for which most super hero toys are produced. From the ages of five to 13, imaginative play is very important, and Marvel toys offer plenty of opportunity for such. The best Spider-Man toys for kids include everything from web shooters and Nerf guns to LEGO sets and push scooters. In addition, most Spider-Man super hero toys are completely unisex thanks to the Spider-Verse series in which Spider-Man can be either a boy or a girl.

Spider-Man Toys for Teens

The love of Spider-Man doesn’t stop once you reach the age of 13. Some teens will go all in for Marvel superheroes, while others will hide their adoration behind layers of cool. Toy manufacturers have recognized the fact that teenagers still love Spider-Man by producing more adult-oriented Spider-man action figures, AirPods skins and Funko Pop characters. The best Spider-Man Toys for Teens will depend on how much the teenager wants to display their love for the franchise. Those who want to be more subtle may even appreciate a Disney+ subscription or a downloadable copy of the most recent Spider-Man comic.

Spider-Man Toys for Adults

Although adults probably don’t do a lot of playing with their Marvel Spider-man toys, they still enjoy collectibles and some teen-oriented tasks. This may be especially true of adults who have children they want to get interested in the Marvel Universe. The best Spider-man toys for adults are usually Spider-Man action figures, the Spider-man movies or memorabilia. If you know someone who really loves superheroes, you shouldn’t hesitate in buying them any one of the toys listed below.

Hot Spider-Man Toys

With each new movie release, there is a string of new hot Spider-Man toys. The most popular toys right now revolve around the Avengers films, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man: Far From Home. LEGO, Funko Pop and Playskool all make incredible toys to celebrate each of these movies. In addition, we’ve recently noticed an increase in demand for retro Spider-Man toys or those featuring the comic version of the superhero. In our list, you’ll find all the hot Spider-Man toys available right now.

Ready to start shopping for the best Spider-Man toys? Check out all the options below.


1. Hot Wheels Spider-Man Web-Car Launcher


Our top recommendation for Spider-Man toys (and Amazon’s choice) is this Hot Wheels web-car launcher. It’s a large Spidey vehicle with working wheels that launches a second web-car with a push of the spoiler. Plus, the web-car is the same size as regular Hot Wheels, so you can use any other cars as ammunition as well.

Spiderman toy car hot wheels

Buy: Hot Wheels Spider-man Web-Car Launcher $35.69


2. Disney+ Subscription


If your love for Spider-Man is just the tip of the Marvel iceberg, we highly recommend forking over the $70 per year for a subscription to Disney Plus. Not only will you get all the Spider-Man movies you know and love, but also all the Marvel movies and shows past and present. From the Avengers movies to lesser known and overlooked titles, everything is available on Disney’s latest streaming service.

disney plus


3. Spider-Man Coloring & Activity Books


If you have a blossoming artist-slash-Spidey-lover on your shopping list, they’ll love this set of Spider-Man coloring books. The books are packed with coloring activities, games, mazes and puzzles. They’ll keep your little one busy for hours — which might come in handy on a holiday flight or road trip.

coloring books spiderman

Buy: Spider-Man Coloring & Activity Books $8.75


4. Spider-Man Titan Hero Series Figure


You can’t go wrong with a straight-forward comic book Spider-man action figure. It’s a good choice for kids that want something to play with, but it’s also a good option for adults that like a little geeky decor. We recommend this one because it’s highly-rated, well-built and reasonably priced at $10.

Spider-Man Action Figure

Buy: Spider-Man Titan Hero Series Figure $7.99


5. Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie


While you might not consider a movie to be a toy, the latest Spider-man movie is a purchase that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Spider-Man: Far From Home follows Peter Park after Iron Man’s death, and introduces the likable antihero known as Mysterio. This is one of the few Marvel movies not currently available on the Disney+ streaming service, but it can be downloaded in both HD and SD through Amazon Prime Video. You can also buy it as a DVD or Blu-ray if you intend to give this Spider-man movie as a gift.

best Spider-man toys far from home movie

Buy: Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie $14.99


6. Spider-Ham Enamel Pin


To some, there is no Spider person better than Spider-Ham. Though originally debuted to the world in 1983, Spider-Ham got his big break just recently in the Spider-Man cartoon movie, Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Whether your’e a fan of the film or somebody who loves to be a nonconformist, this pin will look great on any jacket or backpack.

best spider man toys


7. Funko Pop Marvel: Animated Spider-Man Collectible Figure


Funko Pop! action figures are great collectibles, but they’re also great figurines for any Spider-Man lover. They’re small at around four-inches tall, which makes them ideal for carrying around or traveling with (say, to a birthday party). They could also be displayed on a desk or bedside table. This one features Marvel’s animated Spider-Man mid-jump. The hero is supported by the clear plastic stand which comes with the figure. This is a great gift idea for kids and adults who love to collect as there are hundreds of figures to invest in.

spiderman toys funko animated figure

Buy: Funko Pop Marvel: Spider-Man Collectible Figure $10.99


8. Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: The Goblin Lives


With the wealth of Spider-Man movies and TV shows, it’s easy to forget that Spider-Man is a comic book hero. In this Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: The Goblin Lives, you’ll enjoy a dose of what made Peter Park into everyone’s favorite web-slinging superhero. These comics can be enjoyed by adult and younger fans alike and offer a smart way for parents to mix reading practice with enticing stories.

spiderman toys comic book

Buy: Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection $11.99


9. Spider-Man Comic Skinit Decal for Apple AirPods


Adults love Spider-Man, too, especially the comic version. The Spider-Man Comic Skinit Decal for Apple AirPods allows fans to always carry their favorite superhero with them. The decals, which attach using 3M adhesive backing, cover both the Apple Airpods themselves as well as the carrying case. As an added bonus, these stickers are guaranteed not to leave a residue on the device should you ever want to change or remove the skins.

best Spider-man toys skinit decal audio skin

Buy: Spider-Man Comic Skinit Decal for Apple AirPods $14.99


10. Monogram Spider-Man Action Figure Bust


Are you a fan of the web slinger but don’t know how to show it in an office-approved way? Look no further than this epic Spider-Man bust. Standing six inches tall, this bust will show everyone in your office that you’re a fan of good triumphing over evil and the ability to swing from buildings. Did we mention this makes a great gift for your comic-book-loving Secret Santa?

best spider man toys

Buy: Monogram Spider-Man Action Figure Bust $14.99


11. Spider-Man Funtainer Thermos


If you’re searching for a toy that’s both useful and full of Spider-Man graphics, look no further than the Spider-Man Funtainer Thermos. This vacuum insulated vessel keeps liquid cold for up to 12 hours. It includes a push top lid with a pop-up straw. There’s even an integrated carrying handle and a durable stainless steel exterior to ensure this bottle can withstand being bumped around in transit.

best Spider-man toys thermos funtainer bottle

Buy: Spiderman Funtainer Thermos $17.99


12. Nightlight 3D Illusion Lamp


If you can’t get enough of Spider-Man during the day, enjoy an extra nighttime dose of the web-slinging superhero with this Nightlight 3D Illusion Lamp. The LED lamp features a touch control which lets you cycle through the seven available color options. It’s a great tabletop lighting option for bedrooms and will entertain Spider-Man fans of all ages. Furthermore, the 3D plastic construction dampens the harsh LED light to provide a light source which is easy on the eyes.

spiderman toys llamevol night light

Buy: Nightlight 3D Illusion Lamp $18.90


13. Spider-Man Web Shots Spiderbolt Nerf Powered Blaster Toy


Spider-Man is well known for his wrist-originating web slinging, and with this Spider-Man Web Shots Spiderbolt Nerf Powered Blaster Toy, you’ll have your very own wrist-mounted projectiles. Inspired by Spider-Man: Far From Home, this blaster includes three NERF darts which can be stored on top-mounted clips and launched using the built-in, pull-back mechanism. In addition, the blaster toy sports a Spidey-inspired color scheme and makes a fun addition to any Spidey costume.

spiderman toys nerf web shots spiderbolt

Buy: Spider-Man Web Shots Spiderbolt Blaster Toy $19.98


14. Spider-Man Ultimate Pillowtime Pal


If your Spider-Man lover needs a new friend to snuggle with, go for this highly-rated Pillowtime Pal. It’s quite large at 26-inches tall, making it great to use as a napping pillow in the car or at home. The plush scores high reviews with parents, too, boasting 4.9/5 stars with over 1,000 reviews. This is likely one of the best Spider-Man toys for toddlers available right now.

Stuffed Spiderman Toy

Buy: Spiderman Ultimate Pillowtime Pal $17.47


15. Marvel Mile Morales Spider-Man Collectible Figure


If you’re looking for a collectible figure which adds something extra to the classic red-and-blue Spider-Man garb, consider the Marvel Mile Morales Spider-Man Collectible Figure. Miles Morales is one of the alternative faces behind the mask who took center stage in Marvel’s recent animated success, Spider-man: Into the Spidey-Verse. In this model, you’ll find Spidey mid-swing with an open palm, seemingly looking for his next web-anchor point. The model sits just under four inches tall and makes a great gift idea for children and adult collectors alike.

spiderman toys funko animated series

Buy: Marvel Mile Morales Spider-Man Collectible Figure $21.99


16. Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider-Man Web-Quarters


Let your kids’ imaginations run wild and free with this Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider-Man Web-Quarters playset. The kit, which is made for kids between the ages of three and seven, includes everything they need to create endless adventures for Spider-Man. You’ll find both Spider-Man and Vulture figures along with four sets of power up arms, a crane and web lines to further add to the excitement. The large New York scene includes The Daily Bugle, a jail cell, a bank vault and numerous rooftops to inspire and entertain.

spiderman toys playskool heroes

Buy: Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider-Man Web-Quarters $29.84


17. Spider-Man Bluetooth Headphones


Bluetooth headphones are a great gift for just about anyone on your list, so Spider-Man themed Bluetooth headphones are a no-brainer for fans. They’re sized for kids, allow 30 hours of listening, include a back-up jack cable and also feature limited volume to protect your little ones’ ears. Reviewers say the cans work great, offering good battery and a reliable Bluetooth connection for flying, road trips or use at home.

kids headphones colorful

Buy: Spider-Man Bluetooth Headphones $29.69


18. Marvel Spider-Man Webshooter Play Set


Spider-Man’s best superhero ability is clearly the fact that he can shoot spider webs from his wrists. Depending on which version of Spider-Man is your go to, this ability may either be created from the spider biting incident or man made thanks to Peter Parker’s genius. The latter lends itself nicely to a version of mock play in which the Marvel Spider-Man Webshooter Play Set is used. These innovative gloves each feature two different built-in abilities. One allows the user to project a Spider-Man logo using its light effects. The other gives kids the power to shoot darts up to 10 feet away. With these gloves on, your kid will feel just like the real deal.

best Spider-man toys marvel webshooter play set

Buy: Marvel Spider-Man Webshooter Play Set $36.98


19. Aquarius Marvel Spider-Man Cover Puzzle


Puzzles are having a moment, and the Aquarius Marvel Spider-Man Cover Puzzle takes advantage of that fact by putting Spider-Man front and center. This 500-piece puzzle is suitable for teens and adults. As you put the pieces together, you’ll begin to see the cover of one of the famous Spider-Man comics emerge. The challenging puzzle can provide hours of fun to all.

best Spider-man toys aquarius marvel puzzle


20. HSSKJ Kids Spider-Man Costume


It might be a while till next Halloween, but kids love a good costume any time of the year for dress-up parties or birthdays. We recommend this costume from HSSKJ because it comes complete with a light-up mask, cape, web-shooter and extra felt mask. All these make decent gifts on their own, but together they’re a home run for any Spider-Man fan.

best Spider-man toys hsskj mask and cape


Buy: HSSKJ Kids Spider-Man Costume $37.89


21. Delta Spider-Man Childrens Chair Desk


This Spider-Man desk is a sneaky way to get your kid to sit down and do homework, draw or eat. It features Spider-Man graphics all over, a handy cup holder to prevent spills, and a bin under the seat for supplies. It’s small — recommended for three to six-year-olds — and fits in just about any bedroom, living room or kitchen.

kids desk themed

Buy: Delta Spider-Man Childrens Chair Desk $33.99



22. Cubcoats Spider-Man Hoodie & Soft Plushie


A Spider-Man hoodie is a great gift idea, but this one from Cubcoats turns things up a notch by transforming into a Spider-Man plushie toy. This makes it ideal for traveling, as your kid gets to bring their favorite stuffed toy and their favorite hoodie all in one. The clever thing comes in a wide range of sizes for kids of any age and boasts a rating of 4.8/5 stars on Amazon.

spiderman hoodie kids

Buy: Cubcoats Spider-Man Hoodie & Soft Plushie $50.00


23. LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Far From Home: Stark Jet and the Drone Attack


LEGO sets are still always a good bet for toys, and this one does double duty as a fun action scene between Spider-Man and Mysterio from the latest film. It’s easy to build for ages eight and up, and once completed, it’s fun for the builder to use with movable pieces, including a bomb compartment and the Spider-Man swoop attachment. This is probably one of the best Spider-Man toys for kids and teens available right now.

best Spider-man toys lego stark jet

Buy: LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Far From Home: Stark Jet $55.99


24. Marvel Titan Hero Series Universe Collection


Remember when you were young and had your favorite toys you wouldn’t leave the house without? Inside the Marvel Titan Hero Series Universe Collection, you’ll find 11 Marvel toys your kids are sure to feel the same way about. Inspired by the Marvel series of movies, this life-like play figure set includes Spider-Man (in the form of the Iron Spider), Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Black Widow, Star Lord and several other Avengers, delivering everything you need for hours of Avengers-based imagination play.

spiderman toys marvel titan series

Image courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Marvel Titan Hero Series Universe Collection $99.90


25. Huffy Marvel Spider-Man Kids Preschool Scooter


If you have a child who loves Spider-Man and loves being outdoors, consider the Huffy Marvel Spider-Man Kids Preschool Scooter. This colorful mode of transport is sure to catch your attention and includes a striking Spider-Man decal on the deck as well as a web-shaped lid over the built-in basket in the handlebars. The scooter is a great gift idea for kids over three years of age and can hold kids weighing up to 60 pounds. Furthermore, the non-slip deck helps to keep the rider in control and on board as they race down the sidewalk.

spiderman toys huffy preschool scooter

Buy: Huffy Marvel Spider-Man Kids Preschool Scooter $127.99


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