Week End + Inside My Fridge

Happy Friday friends. I have to admit that I hit the wall yesterday afternoon – hard. I was coming off of 11 days straight of teaching yoga and training clients without a day off – with the travel to Harrisburg thrown in there. I trained my final clients of the week and taught one last yoga class and then picked Finn up from preschool. It was a very rainy and cold day so perfect for hunkering down at home.


Our afternoon/evening included an hour of “napping” (mostly snuggling and getting bombarded with pillows in bed), Play-Doh and peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread baking. That recipe was delicious and it will be the next thing I share on my blog.

the morning show Apple TV

After I got Finn down, I watched an episode of The Morning Show on Apple TV. Somehow I missed the boat on this when it first came out but I’m very much enjoying it now!

golden doodle cuddles

The dogs are always down for relaxing! 🙂 I cannot even get over Benji’s paw here.

discovery place kids Huntersville

Finn doesn’t have school on Fridays and his nanny wasn’t working today so I happily took the day off to get some things done around the house and hangout with him. I spent the morning doing some laundry and cleaning and then this afternoon I got my brows done with Ariana and then took Finn to Discovery Place Kids in Huntersville. We have an annual membership and I’ve had the bug to use it lately since this is the time of year where we do more indoor activities.

discovery place kids Huntersville

We spent about two hours there and Finn had a blast. He made a little friend the last 45 minutes and they were inseparable. He told me it was his favorite part about the whole experience.

tarder joe's Charlotte midtown

I decided to swing into Trader Joe’s on the way home since we were driving through uptown and needed a few things from the grocery. Kinda laughed at Finn having a dance party underneath the fruits and veggies sign as it’s nearly impossible to get him to eat either. 😉 He was amazed by the size of the pummelos and wanted to find a produce scale to see how much they weighed.

Of course I had no chill at Trader Joe’s and came home with more than planned but it will all go to good use!

Trader Joe's haul

  • Uncured bacon
  • Fish sticks
  • Multigrain waffles
  • Gorgonzola gnocchi
  • Heirloom ground chicken (new item)
  • Shawarma chicken thighs
  • Cheddar and gruyere block – they were sampling this and Finn liked it a lot
  • Brie
  • Sharp cheddar – Finn loves this cheddar – the slices are super thick
  • Plain whole milk greek yogurt – FAGE is my favorite by a landslide but I will get this if I’m shopping at TJs
  • Smoked salmon
  • Burrata, prosciutto and arugula flatbread – I’ve bought this once before and it’s good!
  • Salmon

Trader Joe's produce

  • Almond milk
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Sumo mandarins
  • Sesame chopped salad – I’ll probably add tomatoes, avocado and air fried chicken nuggets to this
  • Romaine
  • Oven roasted turkey breast – just tried this TJs store brand for the first time recently and it’s good!
  • Organic crescent rolls
  • Baby beets
  • Ready veggies – first time buying this blend and it looks good! Probably going to serve with the salmon from above
  • Brussels

shopping at trader joe's

  • Blue corn tortilla chips
  • Salted creamy peanut butter (our fave brand!)
  • Boxed mac and cheese
  • Coconut oil
  • Organic breakfast blend whole bean coffee
  • Kitchari
  • Golden round crackers
  • Rose oil ultra moisturizing hand cream
  • Mini plain bagels – Finn chose the mini bagels over the regular size. He eats a bagel almost every morning for breakfast.
  • Mini bouquet – the last one I got lasted for almost two weeks! At $3.99, that’s a great deal for a little happy.

inside refrigerator

I always love a good fridge organization so that’s just what I did when I got home. Here are all of the main areas.

fridge condiments

Door number one. Mostly condiments, butter and milk.

fridge beverages

Door number two. All the beverages.

inside freezer

The freezer is what needed the most love with the reorg. Here’s the bottom compartment. Boxed things, frozen fruits and veggies and frozen breads and baked goods.


And the top compartment. Ice cream, meats, sauces and soups.

That does it for me tonight. I think I am going to watch an episode of The Morning Show and head to bed. Looking forward to a low-key weekend with Finn and a continued slow pace. I am zero percent complaining about the business of work – I love it! – but appreciating the opportunity to rest.


What show are you watching right now? 

Do you find that your fridge or freezer has more of a tendency to be overflowing? 

How have the first few days of February been for you? 

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