100 Engineering Projects for Kid



Actually we have assembled over 105 engineering projects for kids and are adding more as we complete or find more resources.

Below we have 100 engineering projects for kids. Whether you need a group or individual project, there is a variety of engineering projects listed below from which to choose.

Listed first are a few STEM and engineering activities specifically for preschoolers. We encourage you to involve your preschoolers with activities that may seem above grade level, as they will still learn by watching or participating in a small way, i.e. handing an older sibling supplies as needed, letting them take photos of the project along the way, or having them work on their own version of the project.

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Preschool STEM & Engineering Projects for Kids


Straw Structures – So easy with only two items needed–Play dough and straws!

Walking Water

Fireworks in a Jar

Aeornautics for PreK from NASA – this is a PDF with lots of lesson ideas

Bridge Building Challenges


STEM & Engineering Projects for Students

Paper Building Blocks

Build A Truss Bridge

What’s Causing Seas Levels to Rise?  From NASA, grades 2-8

Build With Straws and Paper Towel Rolls

The Air Up There. Making Space Breathable. This is for grades 10-12, from the Jet Propulsion Lab

Building With Paper Engineering Challenge

Homemade Cardboard Construction Kit


Gumdrop Engineering Challenge

K’nex Building Set

Keva Structures Set


Using Light to Study Planets. This is for grades 6-12



Snap Circuits

Magnetics Building Set

Siege Engines For Kids

Build an Airboat – from the Cornell Center for Materials Research. This is a Google doc that opens. This is a great family or class group activity!

Build An Aircraft Engineering Challenge

Simple Machines For Kids: The Pulley

K’nex Intro To Simple Machines: Gears

K’nex Intro To Simple Machines: Levers and Pulleys

Simple Pneumatic Machine

Make A Moveable Pully

K’nex Education Exploring Machines

Keva Contraptions

Paper Structure Engineering Challenge

Cork Launcher

Slingshot Rocket

Keva Catapult

Rubberband Helicopter

Intro To Engineering Set

The Magic School Bus Engineering Lab

Romote Control Machine Kit

K’nex Education Bridges


Foil Boat Engineering Challenge

Create A Marble Slide

Make Silly Putty  This is from Cornell’s EYES Program – Encouraging Young Engineer and Scientists

Reverse Engineering w/ Printable Worksheets

Doodling Robot

DIY Marble Run

K’nex Education – Roller Coaster Physics

Gears! Gears! Gears!

Straw and Playdough Web

DIY Suspension Bridge

Elastic Band Powered Tugboat


Straw Rockets Engineering Challenge

Build A Crane

Build A Bridge With Straws And Straight Pins

Build A Catapult

Straw Geodesic Dome and Sphere


Build A Paper Airplane Launcher

Make A Hovercraft

Make A Bottle Rocket

How Strong Is An Eggshell?

Make A Bristlebot

Create A Rube Goldberg Machine

Experiment With Ramps

Electricity And Magnetism

Electricity And Magnetism

A Propeller Car

Egg Drop

Make a Mechanical Hand

Make A Waterwheel

Build An Airfoil


World’s Tallest Building Unit Study

Study The Engineering Of Bird Flight

Audio Engineering

Hydroelectric Dam Unit Study

Biodomes Engineering

Experiment With Columns

Choose A Pyramid Building Site

Learn About And Build A Simple Machine

Make An Electroscope

Make Paper Airplanes

Build A Model Rocket

Build A Mouse Trap Car

Design A Zip Line

Build A Dam

Build A Mechanical Grabber

Make A Flashlight

Make A Bubble-Blowing Machine

Create A Solar Oven

Create A Seismometer

Make A Pine Cone

Design A Mechanical Pegboard

Fluid Power Car

Build A Strong Honeycomb Structure

Design A Skyscraper For The Wind

Engineer A Redwood Tree

Build A Wind Powered Sailboat

Online Materials Testing

Online Engineering Games

Construct Hoop And Launcher Game

Roller Coaster Science

photo: www.whimsy-love.com

Paper Rockets

Interactive Physics Simulations

Indoor Slingshot

Build A Solar Hot Water Heater

Critical Load

Acoustic Engineering and Sound Control


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