12 Bathroom IKEA Hacks That Actually Work in Small Space


Small bathrooms are hotbeds for clutter. Cut back on your Sephora products all you want—without the right organizational tools in place, a cramped bathroom can become your worst enemy. For anyone struggling to control the chaos, a clever IKEA hack can be the saving grace your sanctuary needs.

These 12 clever DIY solutions are reminders you don’t need to renovate to get a whole new look. Whether your weakest link is under the sink or your tiny shower needs a facelift, these ideas make the most of the Swedish retailer’s cult-favorite products.

The Luxe Vanity
Photography by Mallory Fletchall of Reserve Home
Mallory Fletchall’s original vanity was essentially just a large cabinet, so keeping the clutter to a minimum inside was tough. The Reserve Home founder scrapped the entire structure for a cabinet box with two deep drawers, a faux marble countertop, and a vessel sink (all of which adds up to around $295 from IKEA). Then she bought dividers and organizers that the company designed specifically for the slim cupboard, so nothing ever falls out of place.

EKBACKEN Countertop, IKEA ($80)

SEKTION Base cabinet, IKEA ($132)

The Textured Facelift
Photography by A Kailo Chic Life
Kara Whitten refaced this formerly black unit by adding small dowels, held together with liquid nails, to the drawers. The one side of the vanity is still dark, but she plans to paint it cream so it blends in with the warm wood.

GODMORGON sink cabinet, IKEA ($500)

The Farmhouse Vanity
PHotography by Marti Palermo; courtesy of Ikea Hackers
When this IKEA Hackers contributor was quoted $1,000 for a custom vanity, they decided to trim down the side panels of the Silveran cabinet (which was on sale for $88) so it would fit the depth of their existing sink. Next, they painted it with Benjamin Moore’s Mopboard Black and added wood legs to elevate the furniture. 

SILVERÅN Sink cabinet, IKEA ($89)

The Wall Unit
photography courtesy of ikea
The Skadis pegboard isn’t just for offices—add on a bunch of ready-made accessories, such as shelves, containers, and letter holders, and you can use it to store everything from foundation bottles to moisturizer to toothbrushes. 

SKÅDIS Pegboard combination, IKEA ($37)

The Over-the-Door Hanger
Designated for mattress support, the wood slats of the Luröy bed base can find a new purpose on the back of your door. Casually drape washcloths over the ledges, as DIYer Kristina Steinmetz has done, or add baskets to house products. All she needed was two wall hooks. 

LURÖY Slatted Bed Base



The Towel Rack
courtesy of your family diy
To soften a black and white scheme, U.K.-based blogger Nomita Vaish-Taylor of Ebadee upgraded her two-prong rack with a copper acrylic spray paint (similar to this type). Total hack time: 10 minutes. 




The Trolly
courtesy of A Beautiful Mess
The Raskog cart can double as a mini mobile catchall for essentials—no serious upgrades required. A Beautiful Mess’s Elsie Larson organized hers by using the top shelf for small, everyday items like lip balm; the middle for bins filled with nail polish; and the bottom for spare towels. 

RÅSKOG Trolley



The Built-Ins
courtesy of husligheter
When Helena Nord had to replace all the storage in her bathroom due to water damage, she decided to take advantage of the room’s height. The L-shaped design she came up with uses basic white cabinet fronts and maximizes every square inch around the sink and newly poured concrete countertop. Now she doesn’t have to bend down all the time to grab toiletries. 

VEDDINGE Cabinet Door



The Sink Shelf
courtesy of ikea
Disguise unsightly pipes under your bathroom sink and transform an awkward nook into a functional storage spot with two of IKEA’s genius corner shelving units. Suddenly having a pedestal isn’t so bad. 

RÅGRUND Sink Shelf



The Ladder
courtesy of craftifair
Originally intended as a part of Ivar shelving units, this pinewood side piece takes on new life as a makeshift ladder in German blogger Antonia Schmitz’s tiny city bathroom, where it serves as a beautiful place to display makeup brushes and plants.

IVAR Side Unit



The Elevated Doors
Photography courtesy of superfront
Superfront might be the greatest thing to have ever happened to IKEA. Specializing in fronts, knobs, and legs, the global brand is on a mission to elevate iconic pieces, like the Pax wardrobes and Hemnes cabinets, with simple aesthetic upgrades. Finished in a white block pattern, this two-drawer vanity isn’t necessarily a lesson in making room for storage, but it is a lesson in bringing style to what little room you have.

HEMNES Sink Cabinet



This story was originally published on November 13, 2018. It has since been updated.

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