18 Home Organization & Storage Ideas to Maximize Space in a Small Home

Living in a small home doesn’t mean that you have to feel confined. Space may be at a premium due to the limited square footage, but your house has more room than you think.

Staying organized and fitting all of your belongings in tight quarters may seem impossible due to the limited square footage. However, the right

home organization

and storage solutions can transform your humble abode from crowded and cramped to roomy and comfortable including creating room zones, clearing your countertops, investing in multi-purpose furniture, and more! 

Whether you want to organize your entire dwelling or one room, keep reading for 18 useful ideas, tips, and tricks to maximize your small living space.

1. Declutter and Purge

The key to opening up more space in your home is to get rid of items your family no longer needs or wants. Donate, recycle, or discard items not adding value to your life. Remove emotion when making decisions on what to keep. Home organization experts recommend getting rid of possessions not used in at least a year. 

The Spruce, a lifestyle and home decor based blog, lists 30 items in your home you can throw away immediately in

Stuff to Get Rid of Right Now

. Declutter and purge regularly to avoid getting overwhelmed by untidiness.

2. Assign Everything a Place 

Establish a specific spot for all of your belongings. If you take an object out to use, make sure you put it back in its rightful place when finished. Leaving items around to put away later adds unnecessary clutter.

3. Create Room Zones

In a small home, rooms often serve a few purposes. For example, you may need to use your bedroom or living room as a home office. Creating separate zones for different functions makes it easier to keep the spaces organized.

4. Ensure Easy Access to Belongings

Store frequently-used items such as cleaning supplies and toiletries in convenient locations and at eye level. Stow out-of-season clothing and holiday decorations in separate locations.

5. Clear the Countertops

Kitchen counters are a common dumping ground for various things, including appliances, gadgets, food, mail, and other miscellaneous items. 

Give yourself more counter space by clearing clutter off the kitchen counters and stashing elsewhere. Some ideas include a wall-mounted spice rack, a hanging fruit basket, or a utility drawer.

6. Maximize Closet Space

Small homes typically lack sufficient closet space. Custom closet systems keep you organized and enable you to utilize your closets to their fullest potential. You can install custom closets in bedrooms, bathrooms, and even pantries.

Affordable Custom Closets & Garages

offers custom closet organization tips in

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7. Hide Your Storage

Some items aren’t meant to be displayed out in the open but need to be easily accessible. Ottomans, trunks, benches, and coffee tables double as hidden storage while adding to your decor.

8. Buy Multipurpose Furniture

Think about furniture you can use for more than one purpose. Use your dresser as a nightstand or an ottoman as a coffee table. Need a desk? Let your kitchen table double as a workspace.

9. Stay Off the Floor

Rooms feel larger with open floor space. If possible, do not use your floor as a storage space for anything other than furniture and rugs. Floors are often a default spot for items you don't know where to put, adding more clutter to a room. If you need to keep things on the floor, use bins or baskets to hold items for a tidier look. To get lamps off the floor, install wall lights and sconces.

10. Utilize Vertical Space

Take advantage of your home’s vertical space by using walls and doors to hold and store items. Mount your TV on your living room wall to open up more space on your floor. In the kitchen, consider using a pegboard to hang pots and pans. In your bedroom, use a corkboard attached to the wall to hold your jewelry. Utilize the space behind the doors in your bedroom, bathroom, and closet for towel bars, shoe racks, etc. Cabinet doors are also great storage spots.

11. Hang Items From the Ceiling

Use your ceiling as storage. Fasten strong hooks to support beams to store pots and pans or hang your bicycle from the living room wall or ceiling.

12. Let Your Bed Do Double Duty 

Use your bed for more than sleeping. Choose a bed frame with headboard storage or opt for a platform bed with built-in drawers. 

The space underneath your bed is a great spot for storage. Use flat plastic bins with lids (should be two inches shorter than your bed frame) or affordable pull-out drawers for off-season clothing, linens, or anything else you want to stash. Other items to stow under your bed include luggage, gift wrapping, toys, etc. Underbed storage bags and racks are also options for keeping things out of sight.

13. Employ Your Refrigerator

Your refrigerator can store more than just food. You can use the side and top of the fridge for storage. On the side, add a magnetic strip to hold utensils or mount a paper-towel rack. Baskets or small bins can also keep little-used items on top of your fridge.

14. Fold the Furniture

Folding tables, chairs, and desks can be stored in a closet or under your bed and taken out when needed. For more accessible storage, install a fold-down desk or table built into the wall.

15. Fill the Corners

Don’t overlook the corners in all of your rooms. Some useful items for corner storage include a desk, coat rack, umbrella stand, or cupboard. Another idea is to install a corner bar to hang clothing or jackets.

16. Affix Hooks in Every Room

For an easy storage solution, mount hooks to any vertical surface, including walls, doors, closets, and cabinets. Hooks are inexpensive and come in many different colors and sizes.

17. Fill Space Above Cabinets

If there is an empty spot above your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, place decorative storage containers or baskets to hold items you don’t use regularly.

18. Review and Revise

Continually review your home organization and storage needs. Make revisions as necessary. What’s good today may not be welcome a year from now.


If you feel too confined in your small home, start living large with the home organization and storage tips provided in this article.Maximize space in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, closets, and any other tiny areas in your home.