20 Beautiful Examples of Shabby Chic Design

One of the most popular decor themes that has been around for decades and doesn’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon, is the relaxed look known as shabby chic. A couple of other names it is often referred to are, cottage style and farmhouse. The whole look expresses a welcoming appeal of warmth and comfort by marrying old with new, and soft tones and hues are married with natural materials and warm patterns. If you love the look that doesn’t require everything to appear to be in pristine shape and gives your home the appearance of a life well lived, shabby chic might be the design to incorporate your home. Here are some simple ways you can incorporate this decor theme into every room to create a cozy cottage look and feel.
Think vintage
There’s something charming about an aged and weathered piece of furniture. Chipped paint, worn finishes, anything vintage or recycled definitely fulfills the requirements of shabby chic and can easily find a place in your home. The great thing about this decor theme is the lack of expense involved in creating this look. Shop at vintage stores, rummage through an old family shed or garage, check the attic, or do some of your own projects to achieve the look of shabby and chic, says truedesignset. An old wooden or barn door from a salvage yard can work as a headboard, a piece of art on a wall, or the back of a bench. An old antique dresser may be the perfect piece to use in a bedroom or in a unconventional space, such as a foyer where it can double as a decorative piece, and added storage.
Mix old and new
When choosing vintage pieces, keep in mind that as charming as the worn and weathered pieces may be, many find that a good mixture of old and new can add a more flavorful farmhouse look as opposed to fitting an entire room with old, vintage pieces.  Homedit suggests keeping it at a balance, a simple, weathered table in a living room among other retro, chic pieces can be enough to give the room the feel you’re going for. A whitewashed headboard in a bedroom, or a weathered empty picture frame used as an art piece on a table in the foyer, are all ways to add a piece of farmhouse to the more modern pieces that give your home a chic appeal.
Lighting is a very important element in any room. It’s not only an important functioning element, but one of decor. Elegant chandeliers are ea great way to complete a room, especially a master bedroom, dining room and living room. Ornamental chandeliers are beautiful focal points and can tie an entire room together. completing your shabby chic design. Other ways to incorporate other layers of lighting are with shabby chic designed candle sticks, shabby chic lighting elements over a beautiful island can add a cozy, farmhouse charm to your kitchen.
Add decor your pieces
Most would agree that it’s all the little things you add to your home and individual rooms that give it personality and character. When it comes to shabby chic, this is where it can be a lot of fun, adding all the little details that make your room unlike any other. Cozy up your room with creative details, from beautiful flower arrangements that bring a sense of the outdoors, in. Whitewashed or ornamental mirrors are a great way to add flair to any room and open up small paces. Hang an ornamental mirror on a wall, lean one on a mantel or table, or a full  length mirror casually leaning against the wall, or swap out that boring lamp shade for a beautiful floral pattern to add country charm to your sitting area. There are some really neat ideas you can do with things you probably already have around the house.

Shabby chic is all about warmth and coziness, and creating a home that exhibits the feeling that the home is well-lived in. You can get a lot of ideas for creating your shabby chic design by scrolling through the following 20 beautiful examples of shabby chic design.

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