20 Ways to Get Organized this Year!

20 Ways to Get Organized this Year!

I love organizing! I'm not huge on cleaning...but I love to rearrange furniture and cupboards...and clean them up as I go. I love having organized spaces. This time of year just screams for some straightening up, revamping and that whole "out with the old" adage.

Remember the excitement last year with the Kon Mari craze? Everyone was holding their items, finding joy and donating things that no longer brought them joy. So, we are all minimalists now, right!? Haha, I need to get to work decluttering again. It's a never-ending battle for me.

Here's some fun ways to get things organized!

Organizer Bucket
Upcycle an old ice cream bucket and turn it into a tool caddy!

Organize your Craft Supplies with fabulous pieces from Stamp-n-Storage
I want Stamp-n-Storage to organize my entire craft room! Their products fit perfectly into Ikea shelves.

Organize that Glove-box with this handy caddy!
Get the car organized with this fun wrap up caddy...perfect for everything you need in a car.

Organize that First aid kit or essentials bag!
Easy first sewing project for teens and makes a great first aid kit to toss in your purse.

Organize those rings with this ring display!
Upcycle a cigar or chocolate box and display all your rings with storing them perfectly.

 Make-over a Bookshelf!
Upcycle an old bookshelf and give it a fresh new look!

Organize those new colored pencils!
I love pencils, pens and any writing sticks--I need one of these in every color!

Or this one!
Again, could never have too many of these!

Organize those bows!
Hang up earrings, hair bows, clips and all the girly things on these chicken wire frames.

Organize that 72 hour kit!
Get all those camping supplies organized and be ready for an emergency, should something happen!

Mason Jar Pencil Holder
Desktop organization is perfect with this fun mason jar lid!

Organize crayons in a log!
Make the perfect crayon organizer with an upcycled log slice!

Toothbrush Organizer
Even organize those toothbrushes on the counter with this fun diy.

Organize those earrings!
Get those earrings all organized with this fun craft!

Organize that Washi Tape!
I love washi tape--get it organized in this fun tray.

Pegboard Organization for the garage!
Get the garage organized with upcycled cans and zip ties!

Or in the home in a frame!
Frame a peg board to get things organized in the craft room.

Organize those electronics!
Keep track of chargers and make a station to recharge the phone!

Organize more hairbows!
Keep track of those fluffy hair bows and make them look great even when they aren't clipped in that little ponytail.

Jewelry Armoire!
This is my favorite piece of furniture! Organize all the jewelry in one amazing unit. This guy I bought for $12 at a yard sale!

That's it! 20 fun ideas to get you organized this year!
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