Last night a little after 7 pm the HH came in the house to tell me he had noticed a “little disturbance” to the turtle nest in our driveway. He was so calm about it… but as soon as the words left his mouth I was jumping up off the couch and bolting out the door and shouting like a crazy person.

The eggs were laid in our driveway on June 18th, and we’ve been patiently waiting ever since for their arrival.

Our first turtle baby!

The poor little guy, he must have been exhausted. All he wanted to do was make his way into the garage and come inside for a nice warm bath and a little bite to eat.

But after a minute or two of watching him crawl across the driveway, we decided to pick him up and re-direct him back towards the pond area. He slowly made his way back across the driveway and then to the garden bed in front of the potting shed.

I think he was too tired from the days events of having to break out of his shell, climb out of the hole and then crawl a marathon back and forth across the driveway that when he finally landed on a soft piece of ground, he decided to hunker down for the night for a nice long siesta before continuing on his journey.

While he was napping, The Girl and I set up a path of tealights down to the pond to help guide the rest of the turtles back to their homeland.

Mrs. HB texted to say it looked a bit like a landing strip. My neighbor thought it was a great idea. The HH thought we were a bunch of nutters. But c’mon now, I’m still pretty fresh out of suburbia, and I guess I went in to total helicopter parent mode with the tea lights and soft birthing music on in the background.

And then with headlamps on and mugs of hot chocolate in hand…. We waited. And waited and waited and waited.

Until the HH finally came out and said the babies were probably stuck under all the compacted gravel and needed some assistance. {His assistance apparently, because you know, The Girl and I were just going to sit there like a bunch of dingbats and let mother nature take it’s course.}

So he gently moved the big rocks away from the hole and loosened the soil around the area where the first turtle appeared. And before you know it, more babies started making their way out into the great unknown.

We watched 7 babies make it out of the nest last night before deciding to pack it up and go inside.

Living in the woods… there’s never dull moment around here, that’s for sure.

Wishing you the best of Fridays,

~Grandma Mavis

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