Whether your twins are infants, toddlers, or young children, one of the challenges that you will encounter in being a parent to a double bundle of joy is the need for a lot of space. Raising one kid at one time can already be tough, let alone having two! You double the feeding and sleeping routines, and there can sometimes be twice the expense. If your house is also a little bit short on the space department and you only have one bedroom to designate as the twins’ bedroom, this predicament can be a bit tricky to solve.

Fortunately, this isn’t an impossible feat as there are numerous style tips you can follow to make your twins’ shared bedroom cozy and stylish. Here are some of them:

Incorporate Storage Space Under The Beds

When you have two children sharing one bedroom, fitting all their toys and belongings in one place can be a struggle. Children, in general, have a lot of things, and with twins, you tend to have double of everything. Hence, they are going to need more space than usual. To keep everything in order without compromising the area they use to play games, incorporate storage space under the beds.

When you utilize the space under beds, you can have pull-out drawers where the kids can tidy up and put their toys by themselves, or you can use these drawers to store their clothes or shoes.

Paint The Walls With A Neutral Color

Especially if your you have fraternal twins or a pair of boys and girls, you have to use neutral color on the walls. Despite being twins, they are going to grow up differently with their own interests. To keep your room on the safe side, use a neutral color on the walls. These can be in shades of white, gray, or brown. That way, it wouldn’t clash with all the other décor in the room.

For instance, one twin may prefer blue sheets, while the other may prefer green. One loves animals, another loves cars. You can still incorporate their individual preferences through the sheets or their own wall décor. But to balance everything out, use neutral walls in order to make the whole room look well-polished and coherent.

Elevate The Beds

Another bedroom style that is becoming popular among twin-shared bedrooms is elevating the beds. This means that in one bedroom, there are two bunk beds. But instead of having four beds in total, only the upper part of the bunk is a bed. This is where you can put their mattresses. If you’re looking for mattresses with excellent quality, you can visit the Amerisleep store in Denver if you are from that area.

For the bunk bed setup, both the lower parts can be turned into the twins’ individual study, reading or play areas, depending on their age. When you have this type of arrangement, your twins are still going to feel like they have enough space for themselves even though they’re sharing a bedroom. It is in this study nook that each of the twins can incorporate their interests, as they can decorate it as they wish without destroying the whole balance and coherence of the bedroom as a whole.

One caveat, however: because the beds are perched on top, this type of design works best for older children who already know how to go up and down the bed stairs without falling down.

Have One Statement Wall For Each Twin

As mentioned, its ideal to keep the room painted in neutral colors, but you can also designate one small wall area as a statement or focal wall for each twin. This can be in their dressing area, or on their respective bedsides. To make your kids feel more like the shared bedroom is theirs, involve them in the process of choosing their own wallpapers for their statement wall. Or perhaps you may want to have a chalkboard wall or a peg-board wall for them to stick pictures or items related to their interests.

That way, the room still feels like their individual safe haven even if they have to share it with a sibling. Moreover, doing this will acknowledge each twin’s unique personalities, thus encouraging them to shine through. This is also very important as part of your children’s development.


Just because you have twins doesn’t mean you need a huge room to fit both of them. Even with a small space, you can make it work as long as you are clever and creative with your design solutions. Incorporate these tips and others so your twins can have an excellently styled shared bedroom that they can both enjoy.

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