This is not an ad for Everlane. But it might as well be.

A few years ago, when Everlane first launched, they did a little blogger-seeding, and I ended up on the receiving end of one of their leather tote bags and a black turtleneck. The pieces were good – very good, even – but they never made the leap into constant rotation for me, and even though I poked around on Everlane’s site from time to time, this tank top is the only piece I ever bought from them.

It’s not that I didn’t like Everlane’s stuff – I am all about great basics, and am super on board with their ethos – but even given my generally positive experiences with the brand, I never really trusted that their direct-to-consumer (and thus surprisingly affordable) prices could come along with truly top-tier quality across the board. As an example, I didn’t feel like the sold-out-everywhere Petra tote that I owned (and ended up giving to a friend) would be one of those leather items that ends up looking even better over time; I thought it might be more of a flash-in-the-pan thing.

Now, though? I can say without qualifications that I am an Official Everlane Superfan. (OK, one qualification: the below doesn’t apply to their leather pieces, since I haven’t tried any of those out since the Petra and don’t feel like I can speak to whatever they’re doing with leather nowadays. But stay with me.)

I stopped into Everlane’s new brick-and-mortar shop in Venice the other day, and within five minutes I knew I’d be writing a full-on post about it. Disclaimer: I was invited to the event in a press capacity, which meant that I was given a small shopping credit to give me the opportunity to test-run a single piece, but I ended up buying far more than the credit covered (oops) because 1) I had to, because adorable, and 2) I could afford to, because prices. So that confers upon me Legit Cred. IMO, anyway. (Hush.)

Short story: Everlane’s quality is a dream. We’re talking classic, perfectly cut pieces, with fabrics that hold their shape and have just the right weight to make them look (and feel) much more expensive than they are. If I had to do a brand comparison, I’d peg Everlane’s quality around Vince or Theory – and with the those brands, we’re talking about sweaters that run $300-plus and t-shirts that start around $75. (And sure, I’ve bought items from these lines from time to time because I am weak when put face-to-face with a gorgeous grey sweater, but obviously I’d really rather not pay hundreds of dollars for that sweater when I can find one that’s just as good for 1/3 of the cost.)

So, for fun: Here are the Everlane pieces I bought on my jaunt to Venice. (I included a shot of the model for each item so you can get a sense of how the fit translates to real life.)

Clean Silk Short-Sleeve Square Shirt

My size: 4 (I like oversized tops and I’m usually a 6, but this one is wayyy oversized; my recommendation would be to go down a size). 

When I asked you guys on IG stories if you were into this shirt, you were kind of meh: only about 60% of you said you liked it. But I have to say, that might be the fault of my photography. This one is much better in person: the fabric feels very expensive, but it’s also apparently machine-washable (!).

I want to give this a little front-tuck into a pair of high-waisted jeans and wear nothing else all late-summer/fall long.

Poplin Oversized Button-Down

My size: 6 (I’m usually a 6 on top, but this 6 is extra-oversized on me. I like that, personally, but if you prefer a cleaner look – as pictured on the model – I’d go down a size from what you usually wear).

Boyfriend-cut white button-downs are probably the most-loved items in my closet: I wear them with shorts, with jeans, with skirts, over bathing suits and dresses and bodysuits. Which means that whenever I find a perfect one I buy it, because it’s a virtual certainty that the last “perfect one” I found is on its way out the door (yellowed armpits, rips and such).

I for real cannot believe this shirt is $60. It’s just objectively well-made. Which means that apparently Everlane’s whole thing about cutting out third-party retailers and thereby delivering the savings to the consumer actually…works.


Lightweight French Terry Crew

My size: L. The sweatshirt is meant to be on the less-fitted side, but go one size up if you like things a hair extra-slouchy, as I do. 

This. Is. A Perfect. Sweatshirt.

And it is $38.

The end.

Micro-Ribbed Long-Sleeved Crew

My size: M. True to size.

You may have noticed that I steer clear of any item of clothing that is the least bit fitted around my midsection. It’s just not my favorite body part, that being where The Muffins reside. There is one semi-tight shirt, however, that I’ve been wearing for eva and eva – it’s this blue striped J.Crew long-sleeved, fitted tee that you’ve seen in…oh, god, like every shoot I’ve ever done, because shoots tend to require more fitted tops and this fitted top is the only one I can handle.

…Until now. Because Everlane’s ribbed long-sleeved tee has the precise weight and fit I’ve been looking for for literally four years, ever since I discovered that the J.Crew top I so adored (and continue to so adore) had been discontinued. I would have bought this shirt in every color, except the only other color they had in the shop was white, and quite see-through, and nobody needs to see that much of my nakedness. (Grey is available online, which means I will soon own this in grey. THIRTY-TWO DOLLARS.)

I was going to end this post by putting up a widget of more Everlane pieces that I like, per usual…but honestly? I’d prefer to stick to the items I tried on and experienced IRL. Instead, I’d love to hear what your own experiences are with the brand, because as far as I can tell there is no reason why we’re not all turning into little Everlane Bots at this very moment.

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