21 Sewing Projects to Organize your Sewing and Craft Supplies

If you’re not careful, it’s so easy to let craft and sewing supplies take over! These free sewing projects with easy patterns and tutorials will help you organize your stash so you can keep your sewing and craft supplies clean, neat, and organized.

The Miracle Caddy will be the miracle to your messy craft room. It is a multi-purpose organizer that also makes it easy to take all your supplies on the go. This free sewing pattern has different sized dividers to better keep your things organized. This caddy has 10 pockets all the way around, which makes it good for teachers too.

Find all kinds of materials easily by putting them in a basket. This organizing basket is an easy sewing pattern you can try with any kind of fabric, not to mention that it’s fat quarter friendly too! Best part is, this cute basket has a small loop at the back so you can hang them on a pegboard if you want to.

If big baskets are too bulky, for your needs why not try this mini basket sewing pattern? This mini basket is a fold up basket that’s easy to sew. It’s reversible, too! How cool is that? With just a little fabric and some stabilizer, you’re good to go.

Don’t lose your crochet hooks. Keep them organized in this DIY case for crochet hooks. It features a vinyl shield to protect and keep them from falling out. This case has piping around the edges, which is easy to sew on and hides any mistakes. If you don’t crochet, it’s fine! This case can be used with pencils, paintbrushes, markers, and more.

This colored pencil roll looks super pretty and sophisticated. Using regular old burlap, some muslin, lightweight cotton duck cloth, and with an added vintage lace and a button, you can sew your own case roll to keep your kid’s colored pencils. This tutorial is a fun sewing project that can also be made with regular quilting cotton.

Making these cute quilted desk cups is a great way to practice sewing circles. If you have cute fabric scraps, now’s the time to use them. This free tutorial from Heidi Staples’s blog Fabricmutt is a must see.

Easily see your things even when it is inside an enclosed pouch with this ribbon and vinyl zipper pouch. This zipper pouch is super quick and easy to make and it makes the perfect gift to give. It may look intimidating to sew vinyl, but it’s no!. Learn how to sew vinyl with this free sewing pattern.

Let this hanging organizer be your next sewing project. This free tutorial will make you sew each pocket separately first before sewing them all together in a column and make your organizer as long as you want. You can also use fabric, mesh, or vinyl for the front pockets if you want. You can also add a grommet panel to the top so you can hang it wherever you want.

Looking for the perfect gift to your favorite book lover friend? Sew your friend a DIY journaling bookmark. This fast and easy project will help you always have a pen and pencil ready when you want to write or draw. It’s so easy and uses small scraps.

If you loved the mini foldable basket mentioned earlier, you will want to try making this medium sized version using 2 fat quarters. This medium fold up basket is easy to handle, fast to sew, and doesn’t waste any fabric. And yes, this basket is reversible too. In this tutorial, see what kind of stabilizer and edge-finishing method works best for you.

Looking for a fat quarter friendly sewing project? This hanging storage basket is what you should try! This free tutorial is super easy! Making this cute basket will only take 2 fast quarters - one for the exterior and one for the lining. Add a chalkboard fabric on the front too so you can put some labels to get your craft room more organized.

Organize your craft supplies in a purse with this free sewing felt purse organizer pattern. It has two exterior pockets with pleats for more dimension and another additional two pockets on the side. Made with a double layer of felt, this organizer is durable and sturdy.

With different fabrics, make this cute zola pen case. It is a fun-to-make sewing project. When unzipped, you can see all your things. When zipped, the zipper snaps to the bottom of the case to make the handle.

Save space and keep annoying moths and bugs away from your stuff. Store your craft things in these DIY sturdy storage totes. This free sewing pattern comes in 2 sizes. These totes is made from high quality quilting cotton fabric, sturdy foam stabilizer, wide handbag zipper, and some gauge vinyl for windows.

Yes, ironing can be part of making crafts. That’s why you need to make this ironing board cover so that you’d be more organized. Having a clean board makes it more fun to press your fabric crafts. Sew a cover that fits rightly to your board with some additional handy pockets to keep your other pressing tools.

Still got bigger things to store? Now, you’ll be needing this fabric storage baskets that fit perfectly in IKEA shelves and fold up when not in use. This 10”x10”x12” basket is sturdy and reversible. See how to make this with this free tutorial.

Add a useful decor to your craft room with these DIY hanging organizers. The half circle baskets can hold all kinds of things and to make it sturdy, you can use a canvas for the back or the organizer, or add a stabilizer to hold whatever you put in there without sagging.

Protect your sewing machine from damage so that you’d be able to make more sewing crafts. This DIY sewing machine cover protects your sewing machine so that it will last longer. It has rounded sides, 3 pockets, and can be sewn with pre-quilted fabric, or quilt fabric and foam stabilizer.

A better way to organize drawers is to use these petit four baskets. Wit just a little bit of fabric and stabilizer, it is easy and fast to sew. Don’t worry about the baggy linings, you can totally ditch them. Just see how it is done in this free tutorial.

Sew an easy basket with 10” squares. This layer cake leftover sewing project uses pre-cut fabrics and is fast and easy to sew. Another wonderful thing about this basket is that it is also reversible. This sewing pattern is great for sewing newbies.

Of course, a craft studio wouldn’t be complete without a big beautiful table. This DIY sewing and cutting table is made with with storage cubbies underneath. You will love it!

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