33 Quick And Easy DIY Home Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Shake off  boredom this weekend by making DIY home projects that will keep you busy. You can also do two projects simultaneously. They’re that simple!

DIY Home Projects To Make Your Weekends Interesting

Roughly 8 years ago, my husband and I got into the habit of completing DIY home projects over the weekend. We’d start with one on Friday evening or Saturday morning and finish everything by Sunday afternoon. The projects I am about to show you are all about making your weekends fun and productive. These projects will not take you more than two days to work on.


1. DIY Pixelated Wall Art

Love paint? Then, create pixelated wall art to spruce up your walls into a stunning display of abstract art. This colorful DIY wall art can surely liven up any room.


2. Mason Jar Crafts | Vintage Pendant Lighting

Mason Jar Crafts | Vintage Pendant Lighting | Quick And Easy DIY Home Projects You Can Do This Weekend
image via DIY Projects

Put your extra mason jars at home to good use, like making a pendant light. This mason jar pendant light is great for bedroom lighting, or you can make a bundle of them for a mason jar chandelier over your kitchen table!


3. Mason Jar Terrarium

Mason Jar Terrarium | Quick And Easy DIY Home Projects You Can Do This Weekend
image via DIY Projects

Bring greenery inside your personal space with a DIY terrarium like this. Beautiful in a group or as a centerpiece. This mason jar terrarium is perfectly dreamy and surprisingly easy.


4. Painted Mason Jar Utensil Holders

Painted Mason Jar Utensil Holders | Quick And Easy DIY Home Projects You Can Do This Weekend
image via DIY Projects

I can make a long list of uses for mason jars, and I love making something new out of them. This project can help in your kitchen storage, and it would be fun if you do this with your kids.


5. DIY Wood Projects | 3-Steps Crate Shelves For All Your Storage Needs

A quick way to solve your storage woes and add a rustic theme to your home. Both functional and redefining, this DIY wood project is a great addition to any house interior.


6. DIY Concrete Stepping Stones

These DIY concrete stepping stones will liven up the entire yard. Have fun outdoors by creating something beautiful and useful for your yard. Cool concrete stepping stones can totally add appeal.


7. 4 Short Steps To Transform A Single Log Into A Kids Chair

If you happen to find a fallen log lying around in your backyard, don’t throw it away, because you can turn it into a kid’s chair. I’m sure even the young at heart would love to sit on this sturdy chair.


8. Awesome DIY Log Lounger Project For Your Backyard

Logs are so versatile and I love working with them. Check out this awesome lounger made out of logs and I’m sure you’ll be itching to have one on your porch.


9. Fantastic DIY Outdoor Lanterns

Lighting fixtures are integral parts of our house. Upgrade your outdoor lighting with one or more of these DIY outdoor lantern projects. Don’t worry because it’s super easy.


10. Rope Side Tables

Ever made a table out of a rope? Well, check out this awesome project to get things started. It’s elegantly rustic and beautiful!


11. Spray Paint Your Dining Chairs

If you don’t want to create something new and from scratch, you can always remodel your furniture to update its look. A little paint here and there can do wonders.


12. DIY Folded Rope Dome Pendant Light

A detailed pendant light adds accent to your lighting fixtures at home. Apart from being beautiful, it’s also budget-friendly. You only need some rope to get started with this amazing DIY folded rope dome pendant light.


13. Rustic Rock Vase

Who could possibly guess that this awesome rock vase used to be a can of chips? Yes, you heard me right: recycled can of chips. I know you got some at home, so recycle it just like this!


14. DIY Baseball Curtain Rod Ends

These baseball rod ends are sporty and stylish at the same time. Add this project to your home for a sporty surprise.


15. Pegboard Baseball Cap Organizer

Organize all the baseball caps you have at home and place them on a peg board. Make them easy to find and grab with this pegboard organizer.


16. Mini Mason Jar Makeover

Your teeny tiny mason jars can also become candle holders. Talk about compact lighting you can place anywhere to provide a magnificent glow.


17. DIY Bathroom Towel Storage In Under 5 Minutes

Add storage to your bathroom in no time with this DIY project. It’s not only quick and easy, but also functional and budget-friendly. A must-add project to your DIY list.


18. DIY Wall Art: Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelf

Prepare to have fun as you create your shelf out of popsicle sticks. You can also decide on which shape to use, so you can have a blast with it!


19. DIY Wooden Magazine Holder

This easy-to-make magazine holder is minimalistic and functional. It also blends well with any home design, too!


20. Lamp Made With Clothes Pegs

It may look hard to create, but this unique peg lamp is formed in 5 easy steps. A challenge you can easily take to have your very own unique lamp.


21. DIY Lite: Make A Wood-Slat Doormat

This is one of my favorite projects ever! This wood-slat doormat is very easy and very useful. Cheers to the two of the favorite things I love about DIYing.


22. DIY Wooden Arrow

Who said DIY projects are all about function? I have art, too! A minimalist but noticeable artwork like this will not fail you.


23. DIY Retro Wood Wall Art

If the DIY wooden arrow is not that eye-catching for you, I have this DIY retro wood wall art to ignite some inspiration. Wood art is very exciting to work on and the results almost surprise you.


24. Hex Nut Art

Yep, your hex nuts can be used artistically and creatively. This wall art will definitely add some interest and character to your space.


25. DIY Concrete Coasters

Create these DIY concrete coasters that have intricate details to add spice to your dining area. No more worries about rings on your table.


26. DIY Floor Pouf

This Ikea hack will leave you wanting more, given these poufs’ design and function for your home. A must-do DIY if you love beauty and function that don’t cost an arm and leg.


27. DIY Copper Pipe Paper Towel Holder

Upcycle a copper pipe and make it a part of your kitchen area by turning it a paper towel holder. An additional industrial aesthetic for your kitchen decor.


28. DIY Round Hanging Shelf

A round shelf? Why not? The function and design of this project is too awesome to be ignored. This would be a great way to get the DIY momentum rolling.


29. DIY Birch Log Tea Light Holders

Logs as tea light holders inside the house are just as innovative as mason jar candle holders. Talk about bringing a bit of natural bliss into your home.


30. Honey Bear Bottle Lamp

You don’t need to buy a kid’s lamp at any store. You can now make your own! This honey bear bottle lamp is something that we like to give to our nephews and nieces every year.


31. DIY Photo Clipboards

If you want photos up on your walls but don’t have the time to frame some all over the space, a DIY photo clipboard is for you. This has unlimited possibilities, as you can easily change the photos to go with the seasons or your home decor.


32. DIY Paint Stick Basket

A useful item made of basic materials, this seems to be a perfect weekend project you can easily whip up. It’s multi-purpose, so have it as decorative centerpiece, or as stylish storage on your shelf. No matter how will you use this, you’ll be surprised by how quick and easy it is to make!


33. DIY Twig Letters

Complete your name, or your partner’s name, out of twig letters. Cheap but fun to do, this one adds a rustic appeal to your home decor.


Want some more DIY home projects? Here is a video tutorial from Mist8k showing extremely quick and simple DIY projects you can easily make:

Let your weekends be about relaxation, fun, and interesting activities, like making DIY home projects. What I’ve just shown you is just the tip of the iceberg, your creativity is the limit of your creation. Have fun!

Which of these DIY home projects caught your interest? We’re excited to know! Let us know in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on July 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.