5 Easy Storage Solutions for DIY Project Supplies

5 Easy Storage Solutions for DIY Project Supplies

DIY and crafting projects give you complete creative freedom and allow you to make authentic and budget-friendly masterpieces that everyone will love. However, along with these wonderful creations comes countless supplies of all different shapes and sizes. From pencils and markers to fabric and yarn, it can be a major struggle to find a place to conveniently store all of your supplies. They can quickly get disorganized and misplaced causing you to become overwhelmed and frustrated when trying to start another DIY project. If this is an issue that you commonly deal with, keep reading for five quick storage solutions that you can try to keep your supplies organized and tidy.

Storage Carts
The key to any organized space is an effective container to hold all your supplies. While
stationary organizers can be helpful for long-term storage, you may find that a versatile storage solution is more beneficial when crafting. Storage containers and carts, for example, are lifesavers when making DIYs because depending on the project, you have the option to roll them around with you while you work! You can change out the supplies in the cart for every DIY project you start so you don’t have to keep going back and forth across your workspace to find what you need. You will have everything right there with you. If you don’t need the mobility of a cart and typically work from one place, the cart can remain as a permanent storage solution for your supplies as well. Many will pack bulkier supplies like yarn or fabric on the bottom shelf or drawer and keep the more frequently used items on the top for easy access. No matter how you use them, they certainly make the crafting process much simpler.

Over-The-Door Organizers
Over-the-door organizers are a long-time favorite for DIYers and crafters for a number of
different reasons.

“When organizing your craft supplies, over-the-door pocket organizers are perfect! They store large quantities of crafting supplies and can separate the different categories easily. Also, being behind the door, it’s out of the way!” - Kelly Kral, Graphic Designer at Michaels
Like Kelly, many of us love the idea of keeping supplies up and out of the way when crafting.
Over-the-door organizers are great for holding supplies like small buttons or sewing spools in their pockets. You can also customize them for storing larger supplies like wrapping paper, too.

To alter the pockets to fit wrapping paper, cut out the bottoms of each pocket in every row of the organizer except for the last one. Each pocket should now just be a loop to hold the wrapping paper in place.Then from there, you can place your wrapping paper vertically through each loop and allow it to sit in the bottom pocket. Then just hang it over any door and forget about it!

Peg Boards
In recent years, the world of crafting and DIY has seen a huge trend in the use of pegboards. They are helpful specifically for DIYers because of the range of supplies we use. One day a project will require only pencils and paper and the next day you’ll be cutting plywood for a larger creation. With a pegboard, you’re able to completely customize your storage depending on the types of projects you do. Find a collection of pegboard hooks, bars, and bins to use in combination with hanging baskets and containers to hold all of your different items. The hooks themselves are great for holding small baskets or buckets to store all your pens, pencils, and markers. You can also spread them out farther from each other to hold larger baskets, depending on your crafts’ needs. There are plenty of ways to configure a craft pegboard but whatever ways you choose, your supplies will undoubtedly be out of the way and organized.

File Cabinets and Hanging Folders
Another innovative storage tip that’s perfect for anyone learning to sew or craft with fabrics, is using a filing cabinet and hanging folders. I know what you’re thinking — how is a file cabinet going to help me organize my fabrics? Believe it or not, it’s a wonderful way to keep fabrics flat, neat, and readily available to be used in your next project. Simply drape the fabric in half over each side of the hanging folder and they will be organized in minutes. Many people like this technique because it also allows you to see all your options of fabric at once unlike if it were all in a stacked pile in the drawer.

Like file cabinets, another unknown storage solution for craft and DIY supplies is hangers. For those of you who have a closet full of craft supplies, you can easily hang your fabrics, ribbons, or spools on hangers to keep them neat and out of the way. With fabric, you can use essentially any kind of hanger. A shirt hanger or pant hanger will work just fine. 

However, if you want to hang your ribbons or even washi tape, I recommend using a multi-tiered and adjustable hanger. That way you can unhook each tier to add your supplies and then hook the tier back to the hanger to hold everything in place.

Organizing your DIY and craft supplies doesn’t have to be difficult. Try using a few of these easy storage solutions to take some of the stress out of each project. You’ll be able to find your supplies a lot easier and save time like never before. #Recipe

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