50 Bathroom Organization Ideas for Your Apartment

50 Bathroom Organization Ideas for Your Apartment

Bathrooms often fall to the bottom list of priorities when looking for an apartment — whether you have enough storage or just enough space to move around. Sometimes other amenities take precedent, and we take the bathroom as-is. Just because you may or may not have a weird layout doesn't mean you can't get creative with bathroom organization ideas to optimize your space, make it look beautiful and stay organized.

Try these bathroom organization ideas today

We're sharing 50 organization ideas for your apartment's bathroom so you can find what you need when you need it — no clutter allowed.

1. Add hooks to your walls

Grab a few metal hooks (yes, skip the plastic ones to make it a bit fancier), and hang them on the wall for towels or behind the door for robes, too.

2. Put shelves over the toilet

We often only look at floor space when considering bathroom organization ideas, but when in doubt, think up. Add two to three shelves above your toilet to add space for your toiletries if you lack any real counter space.

bathroom basket

3. Use baskets

Woven or wired baskets work great to segment all of your bathroom essentials into their respective spaces. You can slide them next to your toilet or under your cabinet if there's space.

4. Extend your window ledge

This one works best if you're handy, and your landlord allows it. You can grab a solid piece of treated wood at your home improvement store and add it to your window ledge. This will extend the ledge, allowing you to add a few things for easy reach.

5. Divide your cabinet drawers

How annoying is it that we may organize our drawers, only for everything to end up in a mess a few hours later? Thankfully you can purchase clear dividers for your drawers to keep everything in its place. You can make them fit into the drawer quickly, too.

6. Add storage inside the medicine cabinet door

You can stick on a magnetic board inside your medicine cabinet door and add small wire containers and hooks. Just make sure you line it up, and the door closes.

7. Use a lazy Susan inside your cabinet

Your under-the-sink cabinet isn't great to find things, but if you add a plastic lazy Susan, you'll be able to organize your cleaning supplies and find them easily.

8. Install a shelf above the door

For additional storage, especially if you have the room, you can add a shelf with a lip above the door. Use it for rarely used items or to store extra toilet paper or shampoo when buying in bulk.

9. Hang a wire shower organizer

Mount a wire organizer in your shower to hold your everyday toiletries like shampoo, conditioner and face wash. Some can hang off the showerhead.

bathroom jars

10. Grab a few glass jars for cotton swabs

You can use small mason jars or glass jars with tops for cotton swabs, cotton balls and clippers. Keep the larger bag elsewhere — this gives you an excellent way to display them.

11. Look to kitchen essentials

Kitchen items, like paper towel holders, utensil holders and small clear containers, are another way to think about bathroom storage. Don't believe that you're limited to things in the bathroom aisle.

12. Repurpose wine racks as towel holders

Wine racks found at thrift stores are a great economical way to roll up your towels in your bathroom, especially if you don't have a linen closet. You can use the top to store a few things if you add a small tray.

13. Use a tiered organizer for under the sink

Pick up a tiered organizer usually used for spices and other kitchen essentials and add it to your cabinet. You can store things at different levels, organized by the items you use most often.

14. Install shelves for those dead corners

Shelves aren't just for regular walls, you can also use them for dead corners. If you have an unused corner in your bathroom, grab a corner-only shelf that works there. Stack up as many as you can.

15. Add a bar cart to your setup

If you have space, add a bar cart to hold all of your toiletries and essentials. They're a little cuter than traditional bathroom furniture and less clunky.

16. Hang your hair tools

Instead of throwing your hair tools under the sink and letting them take up valuable space, hang them up! You can add an over the door hanger to your cabinet door, or add hooks on the wall next to the sink.

17. Replace the mirror with a medicine cabinet

If your bathroom only has a mirror, remove it and add a slim medicine cabinet instead. It works the same but provides vital storage in a small space. As always, check-in with your landlord before making any modifications to your apartment.

18. Buy an over the door product holder

The back of your bathroom door is unused real estate when it comes to storage. Instead of just having towel hooks, add an over-the-door hanger with a small shelf for products and hooks at the bottom for your towels.

19. Deploy magnetic wall organizers

Add a few magnetic strips to your tile (most of them are rental-friendly) to stick your tweezers, scissors and other small bathroom tools to keep them out of the way.

suction wire holder bathroom organization ideas

20. Use a suction wire holder on your tile wall

If you don't have space for a regular wire shower caddy, you can add a suction holder to any part of your shower tile. This will keep your toiletries out of the way.

21. Don't forget about your cleaning supplies

Get a caddy for your cleaning supplies — sprays, toilet brush and plunger — and place it behind the toilet. Make sure it has a handle for easy access and to keep your hands clean.

22. Add a tray to your counter space

A small wooden tray will make everything look more elegant but also keep all your bathroom essentials in one spot without slipping into the sink. Think rings as you're going to wash your face or small tools like tweezers.

23. Try ladder shelving

Ladder shelving is the ultimate space saver as it provides several shelves if you lean it against a wall, or you can lean it above the toilet for a handful of shelves above it. It looks modern and can be stained in any color.

24. Skip the toilet paper holder

Remove the toilet paper holder (leave that space for another storage hack), and put a few rolls in a basket on the back of your toilet. It will be easy for guests to see and grab when needed.

25. Apply stick-on hooks

Use Command stick-on hooks for cleaning sprays, small hand towels and any hot tools on the walls. You can also use hooks inside cabinet doors and under shelves for extra hanging storage.

26. Add a wire basket to the cabinet

Remember that space you freed up by taking away the toilet paper holder? Use the same screw holes to hang a wire basket. This is great for face lotions, contact lens essentials and hair products.

27. Use the space between your toilet and sink

Despite having a small bathroom, sometimes the layout allows for a slim cabinet to fit between the toilet and sink. Take the measurements and plug them into Google — you'd be surprised at how slim these cabinets can be.

28. Add a bathtub tray

Add a wooden bathtub tray that goes across the bathtub to hold all bath bombs, lotions and shower essentials. This way, they're where they need to be and keeps other spaces clear for other storage needs.

29. Add a second rod to your shower

This storage fix is extremely rental-friendly. You can add a second curtain rod inside your shower and use the curtain hooks to hold your loofah and other shower essentials. When you move, just take it down.

makeup trays

30. Get small trays for your makeup

Small trays can be placed on your shelves or next to the sink to hold make up that you use every day. You can even stack them to save even more space.

31. Stack cubbies together

Add wooden cubbies and stack them together for more floor storage. You can also grab two, depending on your wall space, and mount them on the wall. It adds a modern flair to the bathroom.

32. Add a flowy skirt to your sink

Skirts are not just for your closet! Add a cloth skirt — a sort of curtain around your pedestal sink — to hide items behind it. It's a quick, affordable way to add storage under your sink.

33. Got a small linen closet? Use the door for storage

Use a door organizer (yes, even those for shoes) to add additional storage to the inside of your linen closet. Leave the inside of the linen closet for the bigger items and refills.

34. Install an outlet shelf

Have you ever heard of an outlet shelf? If you lack counter space because of a pedestal sink especially, you can easily install an outlet shelf to hold your phone or your clippers, for example.

35. Look for a small bookshelf

You can add a narrow bookshelf if you have a small nook in your bathroom. You can add a few décor items, plus baskets to store bathroom essentials.

36. Line up multiple towel rods

Mount towel rods equally spaced out on the wall and use the bottom one to hang your towels. The other two can be used to hang other essentials — hair brushes, hot tools, etc.

37. Add under-the-sink shelving

Places like the Container Store sell under-the-sink mesh cabinets that allow space for plumbing so you can put two side-by-side. Or some look like real cabinets but slide in. They're inexpensive and add valuable space.

38. Use small plant pots to organize make-up brushes

Small plastic plant pots add to your bathroom décor and are great ideas for bathroom organization because you can compile your make-up brushes for easy access.

39. Install a shelf above your sink

Place a wooden shelf (not too thick) between your sink and the mirror, like a ledge. It's perfect to hold your toothbrush, toothpaste and floss and keep them off your limited counter space.

bathroom stool bathroom organization ideas

40. Bring a stool into your bathroom

One of the simplest bathroom organization ideas is also one of the most effective. Use a small stool for setting things down and holding baskets. If you can, make it a fun color so you add some vibrancy to your small bathroom.

41. Add small baskets to your drawers

Take a trip to the dollar store and pick up a few small plastic baskets for your bathroom drawers. You can keep your makeup, bathroom essentials and skincare separated and prevent your drawers from becoming 'junk drawers.'

42. Hang a shower caddy from your curtain rod

While it's not exactly fancy, a mesh shower caddy with multiple pockets can add more storage to your shower. You can just hang it from your curtain rod for easy access.

43. Use a file sorter for hand towels

Have a stack of washcloths and don't know where to put them? Grab that unused file sorter from your office and roll them in stacks. It will keep them tidy and clean.

44. Install a tension rod under your sink

To hang cleaning supplies, add a tension rod under the sink and hang all the spray bottles from it. This will free up the cabinet's surface for more storage.

45. Consider a tall basket with a lid

Sure, you've added small baskets elsewhere. But get a large basket with a lid and place it in the corner to use for clean towels and linens. It will add color to the room and make grabbing them easy right before you hop in the shower.

46. Add narrow makeup organizers

A narrow makeup organizer comes with small drawers for makeup, jewelry and any skincare. You can place it on the counter, and it won't take up that much space.

47. Keep a bathroom bench for storage

You can use a bathroom bench for storage, setting things down and sitting while you do your bathroom rituals. They come in different widths so you can find one that fits your space.

48. Merge shampoo to reduce clutter

Get refillable bottles for your shampoo and conditioner to merge all of those half-empty bottles and reduce clutter in your small bathroom.

49. Install a pegboard

Measure your available wall space and get a customized pegboard to hang baskets, hooks for your hair accessories and use magnetic strips for small bathroom essentials.

50. Use your mirror

Use your mirror for storage by adding suction containers to hold your toothbrushes and toothpaste. This makes them easy to reach, and it frees up sink space.

Keep it tidy with these bathroom organization ideas

Spending a weekend decluttering and applying some of these bathroom organization ideas can change the way you see your space. Just because you're often in and out quickly in the morning doesn't mean it shouldn't also get your attention.

Find a place for that rogue hand towel and your tangled hairdryer, and add a cute rug to elevate your space. It will be worth it, we promise.

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