50 Kitchen Organization Ideas for Your Apartment

There's no such thing as a kitchen that's too large. However, many renters find the space they get a little cramped, and sometimes, outdated. Never fear! Employ a few kitchen organization ideas and watch it transform into a space that even the pickiest HGTV viewer will love.

Kitchen organization ideas that any Top Chef will love

Some of these kitchen organization ideas are easy enough that you can do them right now, while some others may take a little more planning and approval from your property manager. In the end, they are all worth it.

Follow these 50 kitchen organization ideas to cook up the culinary space of your dreams.

1. Put in pull-outs

Cabinet drawers that pull-out are a total game-changer. Just install and enjoy as those hard to reach back of the cabinet items are pulled effortlessly out.

kitchen organization pullouts

2. Don't forget about doors

Wherever there's a door, there's an opportunity for additional storage. Look into over-the-door organizers to hold everything from spatulas to cleaning supplies.

3. Go vertical

A shocking amount of cabinet space goes completely unused because many items are pretty short. Instead of letting the vertical area languish, place removable shelf risers over items of small stature, like saucers or coffee cups.

4. Cart it around

Maybe you have extra space in the laundry room or a guest room but not in the kitchen. Use a cart on wheels to transport things easily to and from that you don't need on a daily basis, but still need to keep.

5. Utilize sink space

The area above the sink is typically nothing more than empty air. Grab a dish drying rack to fit over the sink, and use it for whatever needs storing in that area.

6. Control your cookware

Stop the stacking madness! Instead, find an inexpensive cookware organizer to section off your pieces either horizontally or vertically. They're specially made to fit a range of sizes, so everything from the omelet pan to the wok will feel right at home.

7. Stack it up

If you have too much flatware to store in the standard caddy, simply get a stackable option, since most drawers have plenty of space for two layers.

Bonus: Many of these are customizable to fit other pieces that often wind up shoved to the back, like measuring spoons.

8. Keep wraps under wraps

Kitchen wrap, plastic baggies and aluminum foil are all oddly shaped and sized. Grab a kitchen wrap organizer that adjusts to fit each item and cut down on the unnecessary space these necessities take up.

9. Bag it

Whether you're saving grocery bags to recycle them or have another intended use, don't let them take over your kitchen. Instead, some sort of bag organizer (wall-mounted or hung on a doorknob) will keep them in check so that they don't take up an entire cabinet all on their own.

10. Divide it up

Drawer dividers keep miscellaneous items from rolling around and getting mixed in together.

drawer dividers

11. Try skinny storage

Think nothing can fit in those small gaps between cabinets and appliances? A skinny storage system will help you make use of every nook and cranny. This kitchen organization idea is fab for storing small items, like spices.

12. Purge

Maybe that panini press or egg cooker seemed like a good idea at the time, but now it's just taking up precious cabinet real estate. Spend a morning sorting kitchen items into piles of things to keep, trash, donate or sell. You'll probably never miss those expendable items.

13. Junk the junk drawer

Don't try to deny it — you know you have a junk drawer full of random menus and broken pencils and whatever. While you're purging everything else, clean this one out completely and vow never to entertain such a space again.

14. Get trashed

No one likes to look at or smell trash cans, and often pantries are too small to hold them. Install a sliding trash bin holder in the cabinet of your choice to keep waste disposal convenient and out of sight.

15. Rack up cans

The standard pantry is precariously stacked with canned goods of all types. Pick up an inexpensive can rack to provide more efficient storage, easier access and improved organization.

16. Spin out

Spinning shelves can be used absolutely anywhere in the kitchen to make anything more accessible. They even make them multi-level! Plus, they're super fun to use. Just don't spin it too fast, unless you want to see some spices go a-flying.

17. Magnetize

Attach magnetic strips to cabinet sides for an easy, space-saving hack perfect for hanging spatulas, tongs and other metallic items. Or hang them in the backsplash area. Or both!

18. Hit the ceiling

Everyone has a couple of small appliances or other large items that need to be kept, but don't get used very often. If your cabinets don't reach the ceiling store such items on top, then pull them down when the need arises.

19. Improve shelf life

Help your shelves do double-duty with hanging under-shelf baskets. This will help keep counters clear but important items at your fingertips.

20. Hang out

Along the same lines, store stemware using specially designed stemware holders that hang from shelves or on the wall. Wine glasses and the like will securely hang, thereby not taking up cabinet space, until the next time you pop open some vino.

wine bottles on shelf

21. Hold the paper towels

Keep paper towels off the counter and out of the way by installing a holder inside or under a cabinet. Sometimes the simplest kitchen organization ideas have the sweetest payout.

22. Hang some hooks

A few strategically placed under-cabinet hooks will keep things like tea and coffee mugs off the counter and in the air.

23. Use hanging baskets

While we're hanging stuff, multi-tiered hanging fruit baskets are a handy way to keep fruit (or other items) off the counter and in previously unused air space.

24. Label everything

The pantry will get far less messy if everything has its own spot to live. Assign a location for each type of item (cans, chips, bread) and try to stick with the kitchen organization program.

25. Do the lean

Instead of stacking baking sheets, muffin tins and other such items flat on top of each other, store them on their sides leaning up against a cabinet wall. If you want it to be extra sturdy, use a cutting board organizer! Easily do the same with oddly shaped serving platters to make storage and retrieval a more organized experience.

26. Roll play

Have silicone baking mats? Save a couple of extra paper towel or toilet paper tubes, then roll mats up and slide 'em inside the tubes to store nice and easy.

27. Pick a pegboard

A pegboard, coupled with attractive wire baskets, can turn an otherwise unused kitchen wall into a functional space.

28. Shoe-in

Use an over-the-door shoe hanger in the pantry to organize kitchen items like reusable water bottles, cooking sprays and oils or anything else that tends to pile up.

29. Buy some bins

A few small plastic bins will go a long way toward organizing the pantry. For example, keep tea bags in one, coffee pods in another and seasoning packets in a third. Then, they won't get all mixed together, and you won't wind up with coffee that tastes like tacos.

30. Pots and pans-palooza

Pots and pans are bulky space-suckers. Hang them from the ceiling or wall instead!

pots and pans on wall

31. Ditch the knife block

Use the same basic kitchen organization idea for your knives! Knife blocks take up space and leave blades out where kids (and irresponsible adults) can reach them. Attach a magnetic knife strip either to the backsplash or in the back of a cabinet to keep them out of reach.

32. Tense it up

Tension rods are an easy, inexpensive and non-permanent way to hang up things like cleaning supplies in cabinets. In fact, the use of tension rods is a popular kitchen organization idea that can be used pretty much anywhere you're hanging things.

33. Towel off

Don't waste precious drawer space on dish towels. Instead, use an over-the-door towel hanger on the inside of the pantry to organize and keep them on hand.

34. Chip in

Open chip bags are a bulky, unsightly mess to store on pantry shelves. Instead of securing with chip clips, use a pants hanger. Then, hang them securely from wire shelving. They'll stay fresh and out of your way simultaneously!

35. Stick it to 'em

If you don't want to attach permanent storage buckets to cabinets, simply affix some stick-on shelves to the inside of the door. These are perfect for storing small items that otherwise create cabinet clutter.

36. Label the staples

Never again mix up staple dry goods with confusingly similar packaging. Grab a few attractive canisters and label flour, coffee, sugar and so on, accordingly. If they're cute enough, they make a wonderful counter decoration!

37. Be intentional

When putting things away in the pantry, face their labels out on purpose. This will make them easier to spot and thus limit rifling around in frustration. This kitchen organization idea might seem tedious at first but will soon become second nature if done enough.

38. Customize

Just because shelves were installed one way doesn't mean they have to stay there (unless your landlord says so). Add, remove and otherwise adjust shelving to meet your specific needs.

39. Have a kid caddy

Keep kid-friendly plastic plates, cups, cutlery and bowls all in one easy-to-access caddy. It'll keep tiny hands from rifling around in your good stuff.

40. Do a food storage overhaul

If you open up a cabinet only to have food storage containers fall out, you have a problem. Go through them all and make sure you have pieces that match. Throw out any that don't. Then use a drying rack to store lids vertically so they don't wind up in a haphazard pile.

food storage

41. Organize animal food

Store pet food in labeled, airtight containers inside the pantry or in a cabinet. Bugs or rodents are easily attracted to such num-nums, so this is one kitchen organization idea that really pays off! Plus, the original bags are just bulky and ugly.

42. Use it or lose it

When it comes to vases, either make them part of the apartment décor using fresh or silk flowers or get rid of them already. No one needs 15 taking up cabinet real estate.

43. Rotate seasonally

Christmas cookie cutters don't need to be accessed in July, and the frozen margarita machine probably won't do much good in the winter. Rotate seasonal kitchen items quarterly and pick a different area of the apartment to store them out of the way. Kitchen organization is an ongoing experience when done right!

44. Don't forget the fridge

Removable refrigerator storage accessories, such as drawers and bins, are a fabulous way to maximize functionality, particularly when roommates are involved.

45. Hold onto heirlooms … somewhere else

Sure, you treasure Grandma's china and hope to have it on display someday, but for the time being there's nowhere practical to keep it. Ask a trusted family member to store it for you temporarily, or spring for a storage unit until you get a bigger place.

46. Do double-duty

Wherever possible, make something do double-duty. That stand-up mixer can easily hold its own attachments inside its bowl, and you can also use that giant lasagna pan to hold smaller pans since it doesn't get used often.

47. Organize by size

Sort random kitchen essentials by size in the cabinet, so that you can easily see and pick them out. Tallest in the back, shortest in the front. Easy-peasy!

48. Use jars

The mixing spoon drawer is always a hot mess. Keep it nice and neat by putting mason jars (or something similar) on their side in the back of the drawer. Then insert three or four spoons per. Voila!

49. Play hooky

Use wall-mounted hooks placed side by side to hold up goods like aluminum foil and food wrap, totally freeing up pantry space.

50. Get egg-cited

Use half an empty egg carton to line the refrigerator door bin. Then place condiments upside down to keep them organized and from falling all over each other.

Kitchen organization ideas for every home

Now that you've been inspired by kitchen organization ideas galore, pick a few to get your house in order. Preferably, with your landlord's blessing. The food will taste better when it's prepared in a strategically organized kitchen!

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