51 Room Dividers That Partition Space With Panache

Room dividers separate a large living space into smaller areas without cutting off connection entirely. This visual screening can be imperative in studio apartments, desirable in family homes, and decorative in spacious dwellings. Here, we show a myriad types of room dividers and the spaces they complement. You’ll find ideas for floor-to-ceiling room dividers that build a feeling of grandeur and muxarabi screens that create stunning light play. There are curtain room dividers that offer a flexible solution, and freestanding screens for portability. We’ve also included glass partitions that section a room without severing the visual flow, and office room dividers that would suit either a home study or a commercial space.

Designer: Molo Design  

Accordion Style Paper Room Divider: Molo’s paper room divider is a flexible space partition that can be shaped into many formations. The accordion-style design expands up to 15 feet and compresses into the thickness of a book for storage. Sculptural, sound-absorbing, and magnetically modular, this room divider builds a unique backdrop for events, performances, and large homes alike.

Visualizer: Mohamed Elasar  

Panel Room Divider: Modular room divider panels can be adapted to any room width. These transparent panels divide the zones of a large living space without severing its impressive proportions.

Visualizer: Viktoriya Romanova  

Arched Room Dividers: Another floor-to-ceiling screening solution, this time with an en vogue arched aesthetic. The rotating function of these full-height room dividers means that you can decide how much privacy or light control you desire according to the time of day.

Source: Inhabit Living  

Hanging Room Divider: Use a bright, hanging room divider to add an instant splash of color to your home. Aqua blue panels create a beachy atmosphere even if you’re a hundred miles from the sea.

Visualizer: Leonid Sizikov  

Built-in Room Divider: Built-in, custom room dividers offer a long-term, sturdy solution that won’t fall over, tear, or flap in a strong breeze. Light permeable designs maintain a subtle visual link between the separated areas.

Visualizer: NM Interior  

Room Divider With Door: An edge-to-edge decorative screen with an integrated doorway builds a beautifully lightweight aesthetic. Rooms are completely separate but borrowed light prevails.

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Folding Metal Room Divider: Perk up a plain wall or a disused corner with a folding metal room divider. These weighty screens also provide a quick solution for drawing a boundary between an open-plan home entryway and a living room.

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Accordion Room Divider: Another decorative metal screen that serves as art for the home, this glamorous design is made from high-quality iron and sparkling acrylic beads.

$1369[TAG7]BUY IT

Industrial Style Sculptural Room Divider: An awesome home addition for cycling enthusiasts! Reclaimed bicycles from Indonesia construct this industrial, sculptural design that is sure to be a conversation piece.


Plant Room Divider: Vines grow from a planter in the base of this desk to produce a live living room divider. An uplifting zoning solution for a home workspace or a commercial space.

Visualizer: Suit house Studio  

Glass Room Divider: Sometimes you want to dial down the noise without compromising on natural light or visual space. A glass partition offers an all-round solution.

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Sliding Panel Room Divider: This versatile track system can be used as a room divider, a closet door, or a window treatment. The 4-rail track is adjustable from 45.8″ to 86″ wide, and the panels can be trimmed to any length.

Visualizer: Elshad Kerimov  

Sliding Glass Room Divider: Glass panels give this room divider solution a wonderfully lightweight look, while fluted texture gently distorts the adjacent space.

Visualizer: ‪Hagar Salem  

Tension Rod Room Dividers: Tension rods anchor these room divider panels in place, making them a slimline solution for compact spaces. The panels can slip into a narrow gap between a dining area and the back of a sofa, leaving no protruding stands to trip over.

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Modern Style Room Divider: Using a cordless 4-rail track system, this room divider makes a flexible zoning solution that can also be used as window shades. Trim to height and attach the base bars for a custom finish.


Decorative Hanging Room Divider: A floral motif and black finish give this hanging room divider a classic look. 12 individual PVC panels allow the design to be assembled to the length and configuration of your choosing.

$180[TAG7]BUY IT

8 ft Sliding Track Room Divider: Woven with a natural blend of 61% paper and 39% poly, this 8ft sliding track system works well in both modern and traditional settings. The woven panels attach with Velcro and are easy to clean with a microfiber duster or vacuum attachment.

Muhammed Shahin[TAG7]BUY IT

Rotating TV Mount Room Divider: Enjoy watching TV in 2 rooms with just one screen, using a room divider with a rotating TV mount. Suspended from the ceiling, the TV housing unit has a floating appearance, which leaves room underneath for a modern fireplace.

Visualizer: Irada Allahverdiyeva  

TV Wall Room Divider: This modern room divider features a rotating TV mount at prime viewing height, while a frame of open shelving provides extra storage and display space.

Visualizer: Nordico  

Media Console Room Divider: Low and linear, this wooden media console unit suggests a separation of space without causing a tall obstruction. A built-in, slender TV stand rotates the screen to face wherever it’s wanted in an open-plan living space.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

TV Stand Room Divider: This TV stand is perfectly proportioned to divide a sitting area from a kitchen. Its sturdy depth resembles a kitchen island, while its curved, racetrack-shaped silhouette makes it easy to maneuver around.

Visualizer: Oleh Vynarchyk  

Wooden Room Divider: Chunky wooden beams build a room divider with an imposing presence. This floor-to-ceiling design makes an attractive rustic backdrop for the TV and a solid partition between the lounge area and the home entryway.

Visualizer: Shexia Space Design  

Block room divider: Similar to glass blocks, a modular cube room divider builds a uniform, stacked appearance that allows light to flow straight through. A smart aesthetic for commercial office spaces.

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Room Divider With Chalkboard Panels: Embellish a chalkboard room divider with your own designs, or use the panels to record important notes, telephone messages, weekly menus, or shopping lists.

Visualizer: Kamran Karimov  

Muxarabi screen: A decorative muxarabi screen is as beautiful as it is functional. It becomes the artwork in the room, it is a portal of light in adjoining spaces, and it is a gatekeeper of zones.

Visualizer: Moriq  

Personalized Room Divider: Letter blocks slot into this perforated room divider to create a design that is as unique as you are. It also includes an integrated wooden bench in its base, which serves both sides of the partition.

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5 Foot White Pegboard Room Divider: We all need extra storage space, so a pegboard room divider makes perfect sense. Simply attach standard pegboard hooks to hang hats, jewelry, bags, cooking utensils, or even decorative elements. A foldable pegboard also makes a nifty companion for displaying and selling items at craft fairs and boutiques.

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Van Gogh Irises And Starry Night Room Divider: Fans of Vincent Van Gogh won’t be able to resist these folding masterpieces. Choose from Starry Night or Irises.

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Van Gogh Almond Blossoms Room Divider: This room divider is bound to please fans of Van Gogh and Japanese art alike. Elegant almond blossoms grow across a striking teal background, which has a waterproof coating to make it splash-resistant.

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Gustav Klimt ‘The Kiss’ Room Divider: “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt shimmers with gold leaf in its original form. Unfortunately, this art print room divider does not have the same rich coating, but it does have mesmerizing color and an air of romance.

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Japanese Shoji Screen Style Folding Room Divider: Build a Japanese-style interior with an authentic looking Shoji screen room divider.

$119[TAG7]BUY IT

Asian Style Folding Room Divider With Floral Prints: This Asian-style folding room divider features delicate floral prints that complement a feminine bedroom decor scheme, a sunlight-filled conservatory, or a pretty garden room.


Japanese Plum Blossom Printed Folding Room Divider: Red blossoms paint a fiery pattern across this Japanese plum blossom printed folding room divider. Black outlines depict a traditional Shoji screen.

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Mid Century Modern Style Room Divider: Complete a bold mid-century modern home interior with a geometric room divider. Made with quality paulownia wood and two-way hinges, this sturdy piece can be folded in either direction.

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Rustic Folding Room Divider: Wood louver panels give this folding room divider a rustic appearance, which looks at home in a relaxed living room, dining room, bedroom, or study.

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Bamboo Room Divider: Sustainable bamboo panels and a pine wood frame make this room divider an environmentally-friendly option. Its natural tone melds with most color schemes, which means that you can relocate it around the house as desired.

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Solid Wood Folding Room Divider: Six panels of pale paulownia wood stretch this slatted room divider to a length of 94.5”. The freestanding louver screen folds up when not in use to save space.

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Modern Farmhouse Style Room Divider: Add instant modern farmhouse appeal without having to install barn doors! Simply unfold this farmhouse-style room divider and you’re good to go.

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Foldable Open Bookcase Room Divider: Get yourself an instant bookcase without any DIY plans or materials involved! Simply fold out four hinged frames and slide in three removable shelves.

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Folding Room Divider With Shelves: This shelved room divider has a filled-in louver backdrop, making it perfect for building privacy.

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Curtain Room Divider: Simple but effective, a curtain room divider on a tension rod is relatively cheap to buy and easy to install.


Portable Room Divider With Wheels: A room divider on wheels provides ultimate portability. Forget straining your back every time you need to shade an open-plan living space from the sun or glean some privacy, simply push and glide.


Patterned Hanging Room Divider: Snap-fit high-density polyester pieces into a stunning 3D art piece and room divider. An intriguing piece to elevate a large living room, hotel lobby, bar, or school reception area…


… Incorporate different colored felt pieces to achieve dazzling designs.

$1367[TAG7]BUY IT

Sound Proof Room Divider: Manage acoustics with this sound absorbing room divider. A superb solution for combined workspaces.

$2000[TAG7]BUY IT

Open Bookcase Room Divider: 5 tiers of open shelves and 2 concealed cabinets make this bookcase room divider a valuable piece of furniture for storage and display.

$203[TAG7]BUY IT

Large Industrial Style Open Bookshelf Room Divider: Black metal framework and roomy wooden shelves construct a rustic room divider that looks best filled with books and vintage treasures.

Source: Craftvoll  

Black Steel Brass And Wood Room Divider Bookshelf: Handcrafted from brass, black steel, and wood, this exquisite room divider is custom-made to order.


Floral PVC Room Divider: Intricate flower patterns fill this modular, PVC room divider with charm. A black finish gives the cheerful design a bold presence.

$363[TAG7]BUY IT

Arched Boho Style Room Divider: Looking like a piece of elaborate vintage lace, this arched, hand-carved boho room divider has a distressed whitewashed finish with metallic gold accents.


Bohemian Style Macrame Curtain Room Divider: Add bohemian charm to your interior with a macramé curtain room divider. This environmentally-friendly product is made from sustainable 100% cotton, which is also biodegradable.

$595[TAG7]BUY IT

Rattan Sunflower Patterned Room Divider: Naturally grown rattan is used to form this delightful sunflower room divider design, which is sure to add a touch of summer to a living space or bedroom.

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