7 DIY hacks for creating the garden shed of your dreams

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Home gardeners are destined to spend loads of time sprucing up—pun intended—planting beds and yards, as the country embarks on its post-quarantine summer staycation. So, while you’re at it, why not update your horticultural home base, too? Read: Your shed needs some love.

Trust us when we say your garden shed doesn’t have to be just another storage building. Instead, it can be a quaint hideaway, customized to your preferences for working and relaxing in your backyard.

Get ready to grab your toolkit and start creating the shed of your dreams. Here are seven DIY hacks—ranging in difficulty—to achieve that sanctuary you’ve always wanted.

Create a pegboard wall

Credit: Getty Images / Chimperil59

Easily store large gardening tools with a pegboard ball.

DIY difficulty level: Intermediate

A quintessential pegboard wall creates an on-trend, fully functional place to hang small and medium-sized gardening tools. A variety of hooks, storage containers, and shelving that mounts into the pegboard allows you to customize your arrangement.

If you’re looking to build your own pegboard accent wall from scratch, break out the drill and some plywood. For something on the easier side, you could also scale down the wall into a small panel—it’s just as trendy, but there’s less legwork.

Add a potting bench

Potting bench
Credit: Getty Images / Lisa5201

Get your best gardening work done at your potting bench.

DIY difficulty level: Advanced

Potting benches, generally used as an interior workspace for tasks like repotting plants and starting seedlings, can be an essential central feature within arm’s reach of all your tools. While it has been underrated in the past, home gardeners are starting to employ them.

This DIY potting bench plan from The Home Depot gives a step-by-step rundown on creating one made from recycled wooden pallets. Measure, cut, and drill—then add your favorite color of paint as the final touch.

If you’re looking for a simple potting bench to buy, customers love this one available at Wayfair for its sturdy and easy-to-assemble design.

Mount magnetic strips

Magnetic strip
Credit: Getty Images / Stephen Barnes

Make your tools accessible with a magnetic strip.

DIY difficulty level: Beginner

If you’ve ever longed for a beautifully organized workshop, mounting a magnetic strip to the wall of your shed will change the game for you. Nail or superglue the strip to a convenient area for easy access to small tools like wire cutters and scissors. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it—use smaller magnets and glue them to binder clips to hold light-weight items like notecards or seed packets.

While an unfinished magnetic strip gives a modern look, hidden magnets on a wooden block provides a much cozier style. To create this, superglue small magnets to an even wooden block and secure onto your wall.

Install floating shelves

Wall shelves
Credit: Getty Images / Highwaystarz-Photography

Stow your seeds in mason jars on decorative floating shelves.

DIY difficulty level: Beginner/Intermediate

Floating shelves are an aesthetically pleasing solution for a shed in need of storage space. Keep bags of fertilizers and your favorite ceramic pots off the ground and in a safe spot. After pruning your garden in the fall, you can stow away seeds for the spring in mason jars for an additional decorative touch.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to achieve this look. Upcycle old furniture or storage pieces, like bookshelves, into ‘new’ shelving with vintage appeal.

Get a stool

Credit: Getty Images / duh84

A stool can serve multiple purposes in your shed.

DIY difficulty level: Intermediate

Stools are a total necessity in a garden shed. Before you buy one or DIY your own, think about the way you’ll be working in your shed. Do you want a step stool that doubles as a stool for your potting bench? Do you want a stool with multiple steps so you can reach the ceiling? Or, do you want it to serve as a decorative piece when you’re not using it? Yes, a stool can achieve all of these things.

This top-rated wooden stool available at Wayfair adds a rustic touch of decor. Or, if you’re looking for a pop of color, this weather-resistant stool will surely liven up the shed.

Looking to build your own? Try a stool building kit, like this one from Offerman Woodshop, which includes all the materials to build a rustic stool. Don’t skimp out on materials when you’re building—hardwood materials like oak and maple are great choices for withstanding weight and pressure. Plus, the wood finish will add so much more character to the shed.

Add flower boxes

Window boxes
Credit: Getty Images / LynnKHansen

Add a pop of color on your exterior.

DIY difficulty level: Beginner

Flower boxes can really boost the personality of your backyard shed, especially when mounted to the window, if your shed has one.

After picking out a pretty planter or window box—a finished wood box gives a contemporary look, while a wire basket box creates a rustic feel—you have to install it. You can drill and then screw it into the sill, or you can potentially use plant brackets. If your shed doesn’t have a window, and you love the flower look, you can place any planter around the shed, but outside, so it still gets some sun.

Then it’s time to plant some flowers. Dainty flowers and long vines work well. You can even create a mini garden in the box.

Turn to shed kits

Credit: Jamaica Cottage Shop

Opt for an overhaul with a shed kit.

DIY difficulty level: Intermediate/Advanced

Don’t have a shed at all yet? If you’re feeling ambitious, a shed kit may be your best choice. These come ready to be built, with all the pre-cut pieces and hardware you’ll need.

Decide whether you want to buy just the framing or a complete kit, which includes the frame, roof, the door, and more.

If you’d rather build from scratch yourself, Etsy offers garden shed blueprints for this top-rated design.

For a less DIY approach, you can order a shed fully assembled, like this cozy and comfortable DIY garden shed from Jamaica Cottage Shop or this one from The Home Depot.

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