7 Things You’ll Want To Stock Up On In September

Another month, another opportunity to stock up on seasonal sale items! While I certainly don’t stockpile items to the same extent I did back in my couponing days, I still like to stock up on certain things when I find a great deal!

And there are plenty of great deals to go around this month. Whether you’re on the lookout for seasonal produce, canned goods, or even shaving razors, there are all sorts of things you can stock up on for less during September! :-)
7 Things To Stock Up On In September

1. Apples
September is a great month for apple lovers like me. :-) You’ll be able to stock up on fresh, local apples by the box this month for the best price you’ll find all year!

Stock up on apples to make applesauce, apple butter, and other tasty apple treats to enjoy throughout the winter.

2. Gardening Supplies
Home improvement stores and other big retailers are sure to slash prices on gardening supplies this month to make room for incoming stock. Take advantage of their low prices by stocking up on whatever you’ll need for gardening next spring!

This is a great opportunity to save on items like hoses, tools, soil, pots, and more. Just store them away in your garage or shed (and don’t forget to pull them out when spring comes back around!) :-)

3. Canned Soup
Keep your eyes peeled for coupons and sales on canned soup during September! Canned soup can last for about a year on your shelf, so it’s one of the best foods you can choose to stock up on when prices are low.

4. Children’s Clothing
Labor Day tends to mark the end of back-to-school season, so expect to see markdowns on children’s clothing later this month. This is particularly true for summer styles, so keep an eye out for deep discounts on those!

Take advantage of those low prices by outfitting the kids for an upcoming beach vacation, or for next summer!

5. Diabetic Supplies
September is Diabetes Awareness Month! As a mother to a child with Type 1 diabetes, any sort of discount on diabetes supplies is guaranteed to turn my head.

Not only are diabetes supplies expensive to begin with, but they also RARELY go on sale! But this month you can find low prices on items like blood glucose meters and test strips, glucose tablets, syringes, carrying cases, and more!

6. Meat
Labor Day tends to mark the unofficial end of summer, and the unofficial end of grilling season. So your local grocery stores are sure to be offering low prices on meat products like hot dogs, burger patties, steaks, and more!

Stock up on your favorite meat products at low prices, then freeze them to use later on!

7. Shaving Supplies
Shaving isn’t necessarily seasonal, but I think many of us ladies tend to shave less often when we’re not wearing shorts all the time. ;-) So as shorts-wearing weather comes to an end, retailers often offer sales on razors, shaving cream, and other shaving supplies!

Razors can be expensive, so if you find a good sale or deal, take the opportunity to stock up! (After all, you can store them indefinitely, so there’s really no reason not to!)
…And More!
Looking for more information about sales and deals during the month of September? Check out this post for more ways to save!

What will you be stocking up on this month?
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