A Little Surprise in January That Really Everyone Can Have and Do!

I am a brand ambassador with The Container Store and this blog was written in partnership with them.

January is one of those months where people kick their organization up a notch - it is after the holidays (all the gifts have come in and the older stuff is forgotten) and the beginning of a new year. I mean, I get it! Who doesnt want to start the new year off on the right foot with have their home be clutter free and organizational systems in place? My family even took advantage of New Years Day by purging the girls rooms! Getting organized is also always usually within the the top ten resolutions for the year.


This month, a special teenager (the son of one of our team members) got an exciting surprise gift of organization. Yes, the holidays are officially over and Jake didnt realize that he would be getting a special treat to start of 2020 but thanks to his thoughtful mother, he is starting 2020 a bit more organized!

I just love surprises, dont you? And surprises involving organization are my favorite kind!

With the help of the Container Store, we were able to give Jake a more organized bedroom. We used a white Elfa Door and Wall Rack solution to do so!

Like many teenage boys rooms, Jakes room didnt have a place for all of his hats, lacrosse balls, hockey pucks, sports bags, sunglasses, etc. All of these items were in his room but didnt have a true home. They were scattered in all different places: his dresser, desk closet floor and more.

We added the Elfa Door and Wall Rack to the back of his door, which truly was so easy to do. We then found a home for all the items that needed it and just like that, created more space in Jakes room so he has a spot as he wants to bring in new items. All items in his room now have a spot and they are categorized so he can easily find things when he wants to or put them back when his mom asks him to clean up!

The Elfa Door and Wall Rack was such an easy system to use (did I mention it is on sale through 2/25?) in his room and it is also a wonderful solution for really any door that you own. I am a big believer in taking advantage of vertical space and if you have a blank door, you have that much more storage space. What is also great about this Elfa Door and Wall Rack is that you can customize how it looks. You can add baskets, like we did, or you can add a utility board with hooks which creates a pegboard system that would be great for storing things like jackets, purses, necklaces or dog leashes.

So, who is going to be like Jake in 2020 and be that much more organized? Using this Elfa Door and Wall Rack is truly an easy way to start the process!

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