Add Style To Your Bakery With A Donut Stand

Add Style To Your Bakery With A Donut Stand

Stepping inside a bakery offers such a great sensory experience.  Customers stand to have their sweet cravings fulfilled along with other sensory needs -- thanks to the smell of freshly-baked bread and the sight of mouthwatering pastries like doughnuts.   

While more commonly linked as a cop snack staple, donuts are highly flexible. You can add your favorite glaze and filling; whether ice cream, nuts, chocolate, candy sprinkles, and jam. Because of variety, special occasions these days use donuts as a supplementary or stand-alone pastry. From simple and intimate get-togethers to grand weddings and birthdays, every occasion gets sweeter with these baked goodies.

Here’s how you can add a visually appealing style to a donut stand for your bakery or any event inside and outside of your shop. But first, let’s find out why style matters in a pastry shop.   
Why Bother With Your Bakery’s Interior?
According to psychology, a store’s interior impacts the way its customers feel and behave. So, there’s every reason for event and bakery stylists to make donut stands more appealing. 

That being said, how you style your bakery can impact how your customers view your pastry products displayed on the counter. You can choose whichever design you want, depending on the image you want your business to portray.   

Below are the most common considerations that you need to highlight when thinking about your bakery’s layout.  
Whether your clientele prefers fast food or a five-star restaurant, a shabby place is never ideal for a bakery. That's because no matter how obsessively hygienic your preparation procedures maybe, this will all go to waste if you don’t have the place to show it. If your pastry shop isn’t neat and tidy both inside and out, customers will likely judge your shop as dirty. Besides, there are health codes that you need to abide by, in order to continue operating. 

Thus, your bakery should be as aesthetically pleasing as the food you’re serving. And there’s a multitude of donut stand ideas to be discussed later in this article, so keep on reading.  
Great Lighting
A strategic light design is a must-have in every food serving shop. The amount and intensity of light can affect our bodies in many ways. For instance, increasing the use of artificial light in the evening can seriously confuse your body’s circadian rhythm, leading to sleep disturbance.   
Warm and cold light, which in this case doesn’t refer to the heat it gives off, but rather the light tones can impact us, too. Warm-hued lights are typically yellowish while cool-tones lights lean on the bluish side. The former is said to be ideal for places that want to project a welcoming and intimate setting.  Cooler lights, on the other hand, are believed to enhance productivity. They’re often found in electronic devices and other gadgets that we must get rid of if we want to get some sleep.   

Warm lights with adequate concentration are most ideal for bakeries and restaurants. Too much ‘cold light’ will likely blind your clients. Making it challenging for them to locate the food on their plate.  
Overall Experience
Great ambiance, impeccable service, and outstanding food form the perfect recipe for a great bakery, or any food store in general. 

Simply put, a great dining and eating experience happens only when all of your senses are stimulated and gratified. The pull and attraction start with how your bakery looks from the outside, so don’t be afraid to play with colors for your design theme. Pink and blue are often chosen as common colors for a bakery.   

Once inside, the bakery should offer a cozy environment where customers can get lost in the smell, taste, and feel of the entire place. Don’t forget to choose the most comfortable seats and tables for your clients to sit on while devouring your dark chocolate-filled donuts and other pastries.        

Make sure to have enough space in the shop to accommodate your clients and make them feel snug.   

Donut Stand and Donut Wall Ideas
Speaking of space-saving techniques, serving your holed buns in donut stands and donut walls isn’t only visually appealing, it’s a gustatory delight and an olfactory-satiating activity.   
Whether it’s made of wood, glass, acrylic, or metal, these donuts stand ideas are perfect for all types of get-togethers. 

Multi-purpose Holders 
If you want your consumers to have access to donuts in several locations, gather small donuts in cone-shaped paper and place them in strategic locations inside your bakery. 

Stylish Cupcake Stand  
Who says you can’t put donuts inside a cupcake stand? Whether three or five-tiered, you can stack your donuts in a stylish cupcake stand made from various materials and colors.  

Glass Donut Stand 
Whether glazed or jelly-filled, arrange your donuts neatly on a glass stand to make them stand out from the rest.   
D-I-Y Donut Stand
Show your crafty skills by making your own donut tower. Just put together the base and sticks on which to place your donuts on. With this design, you’ll always get a ‘hole in one.’

Metal Donut Stand     
Place metal hooks to hang your donuts on and let your creativity take over. For instance, you can add a few green leaves of flowers to make it look more fun.   
Peg Board Donut Wall Stand
Take out a pegboard and paint it in an eye-catching color, preferably in the same color palette as your bakery store. Style it in different themes daily to catch your customers’ attention better. You can even add a catchy message to pique their interest better.       

Use A Cake Stand  
Like a cupcake stand, you can briefly repurpose your cake stand by nicely stacking your donuts on them.   

Acrylic Donut Wall Stand  
For a classier look, you can skip a pegboard donut wall stand and use acrylic. Don’t forget to add more colors as acrylic can look too bare.    
A Sweet Backdrop
If you have enough space in your pastry stand, customize it to accommodate donuts as a backdrop. Make sure you have enough space inside your display stand, though so as not to make your place look too crowded.    

Donuts On A Lattice 
Have a miniature tabletop-sized lattice made for you to place your donuts on. Make sure you have a variety on display. As with other styles, you can place leaves and flowers for additional colors.   
A Rustic Reusable Donut Wall Stand 
With enough wood and basic carpentry skills, you can assemble a wooden donut frame that you can actually repurpose later on. Don’t forget to place pegs so that you can place donuts on them. Otherwise, look for hooks that you can place on the wooden frame.
Use A Cake Base
Sometimes, you only need a cake base to strategically place and arranged fancy donuts. Whether it’s made of wood, plastic, or glass, make sure to up the wow factor by placing some decorations below it. 

The Wrap Up
From the concept to the theme, lights, taste, and ambiance; creating an all-encompassing sensory experience should be every bakery owner’s goal. 

Everything starts with aesthetics, so make your shop attractive and clean both inside and outside. But don’t sacrifice beauty over function. Optimize space inside your store, too, so customers can hang out and make them want to come back as often as they want.      
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