Aha! Hack: 5 Smart and Surprising Alternative Uses for Binder Clips

Aha! Hack: 5 Smart and Surprising Alternative Uses for Binder Clips

The humble binder clip is one of our favorite organizational tools—and not just in the workplace. Here are some clever ways to use binder clips throughout your home.

1. To Display Art
Above: Binder clips are a charming way to hang prints, photographs, or children’s art on walls. Consider going vintage when using binder clips for this purpose. We like this set of six Vintage Binder Clips on Etsy, for $22. Photograph by Justine Hand, from An Artist’s Cottage in Truro, MA, Gets an Overhaul from a Boston Design Duo (Ikea Included).2. To Reseal Snack Bags

I use binder clips in the kitchen to reseal already opened bags of cookies and chips (they’re for the kids, I swear!). I find that they work much better than whatever resealable mechanism the product designers thought up.

3. To Ensure Wires Stay Put
Above: Annie and Kristina both use binder clips as a way to keep cords and chargers from slipping off nightstands and desks. Annie likes to use the Metal Paper Clamps ($7.25 for 4) from Walmart. Pictured is the Ellepi Metal Clip in yellow ($4 each), sold at Of a Kind. Photograph by Matthew Williams, styling by Alexa Hotz for Remodelista: The Organized Home.4. To Keep Cords Neat for Travel

When I travel, I like to wrap chargers and ear buds and keep them contained with the help of binder clips. Read Smart Buy: Cord Tacos from Los Angeles–Based This Is Ground to learn why I am particular about making sure these wiry tech necessities don’t get tangled up.

5. To Create a Makeshift Sofa Cover
Above: Creative director Matthew Axe folded a denim patchwork quilt in half, using black binder clips to maintain the fold, for an improvised sofa cover. Photograph by Eric Piasecki for Remodelista, from 10 Storage Ideas to Steal from an Artfully Organized Apartment in New York City.
N.B.: Featured photograph by Matthew Williams, styling by Alexa Hotz, for Remodelista: The Organized Home.

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