Creating Bounce With Blue and Yellow Accent Decor

Creating Bounce With Blue and Yellow Accent Decor

Clashing blue and yellow accents creates bounce in modern interiors, whether the tones used are bright or subdued. These three home designs explore the spectrum of this trend with a bunch of other design tricks thrown in to create a unique spin. Our first tour is an example of how to effectively subdue summery hues without losing any of the punch. Next, we observe a deeper part of the spectrum with a teaming of mustard and prussian blue, shook up with energetic black and white elements. Finally, we finish off with an upmarket studio apartment that employs golden elements to build undeniable luxe around plush blue and sunflower infusions.

Visualizer: Studio VAE  

Blue and yellow accents help divide up the tight layout of this 85 square metre apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia. Punchy yellow dining chairs clearly mark out the dining area that pushes right up against the sofa.

A single blue cushion declares a change in zone at the end of the short couch.

Grey surroundings subdue the colour clash somewhat, giving the decor palette a more serious and sophisticated edge.

Even the coffee table book dashes in a spot of yellow.

The Vibia Cosmos Cluster Pendant Light features a blue element that lays common ground with the sofa accent cushion. See more dining room pendant lights.

Colour is stripped out of the L-shaped kitchen, which features only crisp white and wood tone cabinets with a stark concrete backsplash.

The countertop is cast concrete too, with a raw honest finish.

Wood cladding warms up the hallway of the home.

A colourful entryway bench crosses a full length hallway mirror, which doubles its bright contribution.

In the bedroom, the platform bed adds an infusion of plum into the cool grey scheme.

Yellow bedside lamps take us back to our original accent colour at either side of a grey slatted headboard wall.

Sheer grey drapes hang from a recess in the dropped ceiling for an ultra crisp finish.

One of the bedsides is a bespoke floating unit that is integrated with a stylish wooden backboard. The modern floor lamp folds neatly around the piece.

The other bedside table lamp rests on a modern side table to ring the changes. A custom cut floor to ceiling mirror makes a bigger feature of the small piece.

A vanity mirror has been custom cut to measure up perfectly alongside the bedroom TV. Each float lightly over a slimline wall mounted wooden console.

A cube vanity seat slides under the console. The yellow pouf complements the bedside lamps, amplifying their effect.

The narrow bathroom is effectively tackled with large format wall tiles to widen the sense of space.

A unique basin matches perfectly with the walls to streamline the small scheme.

In the kid’s room, blue and yellow accents prevail but this time alongside soft apple green elements. A cute kids’ bed underlines a mountain mural and an enchanting bear wall sticker.

Shelves are integrated into a wall of colourful storage to show off finished lego creations and stack books.

Another bear themed wall sticker gazes upon a TV unit at the other side of the room.

A wall mounted TV leaves room on top of the cabinet for knick-knacks.

Repositionable wall shelves climb a pegboard wall by the kids’ desk.

A blue bean bag makes a comfy reading spot in the kid’s study area.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

In our next home interior, mustard and pale prussian blue present a different vibe from the first home entirely. A black and white area rug shakes up the seriousness of the palette.

A coffee table with storage places a grounding wooden accent onto the busy monochrome rug design.

The circular coffee table links in with a shape based wall mural behind the modern sofa.

The black frame of the unusual yellow accent chair pulls it in nicely with the rug design.

Shuffling along to the back of the living room we find a unique kitchen diner with a bold floor tile. A black linear chandelier complements the monochrome flooring.

A yellow vase brightens up the dark dining set.

There is further use of striking pattern in the bedroom, featured on modern bed linen.

A curved headboard panel brings in a sweeping display of the yellow accent colour.

A similar yellow headboard feature is painted onto the wall in the kid’s bedroom too, this time teamed with a blue-grey counterpart. 3D kids’ wall decor adds more fun colourful touches.

The bespoke bed base has been elongated to artfully merge with built-in closets.

A double workspace fits cleanly into the remaining niche.

Visualizer: Mỹ Trọng Trần  

Last of all we land in a blue and yellow interior that has luxe gold accents woven through via round coffee tables and a gold stemmed side table.

A huge modern chandelier explodes gold stems over the entire width of the lounge.

Gold frame dining chairs take the small dining area all the way up market, along with a gorgeous white marble dining table.

An eye catching dining chandelier holds the eating area in place in the open studio layout.

A curtain is drawn across the bedroom side of the room at night to make the atmosphere a little cosier, or to allow one partner to sleep whilst the other burns the midnight oils. Plush blue and sunflower accent pillows bring colour to the bed, tying it to the colour scheme set by sofa in the lounge.

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