Designing an Attached Garage that Looks Good with Your Home

Having a nice garage is important because it is often visible from outside your house. Usually located on the bottom floor, attached garages are convenient but require a little work to ensure they dont take away from the overall appearance of your home and garden. Luckily, completing a couple of easy renovations can transform your garage for the better. Read on to learn how to design a stylish garage that maximizes space.


Matching your garage to your house helps integrate it and make it look less bulky. This can be done easily by painting it the same color and adding trim and windows. Get rid of bulky components such as a rolling garage door and replace it with double-sided automatic ones instead. If you have a spacious garage, consider implementing flooring other than concrete in areas where your car wont be parked. If you intend to create a separate kitchen, guest bedroom, or TV room in your garage, youll be one step closer.

Modern Garage House Exterior

Maintain Organization

Maintaining an organized garage vastly improves the appearance of your garage, while protecting your tools and keeping the area easy to manage. Closet & Storage Concepts can help you achieve this by implementing a wall organization system that holds tools. To cater to different tools and workspaces, there are multiple potential styles you can look into, such as slatwall or pegboard options. Sport racks can be installed into walls to hold sports equipment and camping gear that you dont want to keep in the house. Lastly, a custom workbench can be incorporated into other garage storage spaces for working on home projects.

Garage Wall Organization

Need more help?

Update your garage today or design an entirely new one. Reach out to your local Closet & Storage Concepts location to meet with our team of design experts and discuss possible features that could work for your garage. Book your free, in-home design consultation and estimate today.

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