DIY Wall Art Ideas For Your Bedroom

Choosing the right wall decor for your bedroom is no easy task. The bedroom is your sanctuary, a safe space to relax, and your bedroom walls are a reflection of you and your style. However, sprucing up your room doesn’t have to be expensive or challenging—start crafting with easy DIY wall art ideas that will brighten up blank walls in creative ways.

Whichever style of home decor you prefer, whether ornate or minimalist, modern or shabby chic, make the space yours. DIY wall decor is the perfect solution if you want a unique bedroom, yet don’t want to break the bank. Whether a bohemian vibe with string art and tapestries or a sleek aesthetic with simple picture frames matches your personality best, find the best bedroom wall art ideas to suit your space.

Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Utilize the wall space and make your bedroom stand out with DIY wall art for a fun art project that’ll add originality and imagination to your sanctuary. Channel your inner artist with these creative bedroom wall decor ideas.

Yarn Wall Hanging

This simple DIY project can be as large or as small as you desire, so choose yarn in your favorite colors. Then, attach the pieces to a wooden dowel in Lark’s head knots for cozy and creative wall art. Hang the yarn above your headboard or next to your closet for a homey feel.

Three Across Canvas Prints

Three small canvas prints of beach scene above a hanging shelf

Spread one photo over separate prints in individual frames with a multi-piece canvas print. Pick an artistic landscape picture or a photo of your loved ones to give it a more sophisticated and elegant look.

Tie-Dye Tapestry

A tapestry can fill up wall space and be the focal point of any bedroom. Get creative with this DIY art project and tie-dye your own tapestry with muted tones that match your furniture and walls. Attach the tapestry to the ceiling above your bed for an extra groovy effect.

Hanging Jewelry on Display

Utilize your wall space for decoration and function in a truly modern approach. Hang your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on wall hooks or a wooden organizer for what looks like a piece of art, yet doubles as a functional way to save drawer space.

Large Portrait

Print out and frame a large portrait of your hero or an inspirational figure in your life to add some personality to your bedroom. Whether you’re honoring a relative or want to see Frida Kahlo every time you walk into your room, an oversize portrait will lighten up any living space.

Hanging Accessories

Adorn a bedroom wall with your accessories for another functional, yet decorative DIY idea. Add hooks for hats, ties, or scarves to fill up blank walls and create a spacious and easily accessible way to store your favorites.

Indoor Plants on Walls

DIY hanging wall planter with black and white wall art

Whether you use a wooden planter, a wire mesh rebar, or hang plants from the ceiling, creating your own little bedroom garden will spruce up the space. Select the type of plants you want—herbs, succulents, or vegetables, and make your bedroom come alive with this creative DIY wall art idea.

Gallery Wall

Fill an empty wall with art and photos, organizing your framed prints and premium posters to fit together and work with each other. Each picture will contribute to the gallery wall, giving the room an eclectic and unique look, depending on the types of art you choose.

Handmade Mirror Frames

A mirror is a useful decoration for the bedroom, especially if the frame reflects your personal style. Select a floor mirror or a small wall mirror to attach to a wall, then construct an original frame out of seashells, precious stones, corks, colorful clothespins, or you can build your own wood frame.

Useful Whiteboard

Hang a large magnetic whiteboard above or next to your desk for practical and creative use of the space. Utilize the board to jot down your to-dos, divide it into a monthly calendar, or just doodle to get your creative energy out. Bonus points if you create a DIY frame for your whiteboard.

Fairy Lights

Create your own string light wall for a dreamy and romantic bedroom look. You can use fairy lights to create a fake headboard by shaping them into one above your bed, hang them around the top edges of the room, or pin them in a pattern on a wall to clip photos.

Enlarged Inspirational Quotes

Acrylic print with inspirational quote on dresser as living room decor

Collect your favorite quotes to create custom acrylic prints. Use an interesting font and a neutral color to elevate and personalize your bedroom decoration. Space out and hang multiple quotes on a wall visible from your bed or desk for inspiration whenever you need it.

DIY Garland

A DIY garland can be made of virtually any kind of material. Think tissue paper, pom-poms, fabric tassels, paper circles, felt balls, or even pine cones, depending on what matches your personality. Simply hang the material on a sturdy string, and you instantly have a simple bedroom decoration.

Wall Cubbies

Construct wooden wall cubbies in a wall where you have a lot of empty space for convenient and organized storage. Choose between basic white cubbies for a minimalist look or asymmetrical, different-sized ones for a more creative aesthetic. Organize your belongings with this fun decorating idea.

Hanging Canvas Prints

Hanging canvas prints of family dog and baby with table decor

A hanging canvas print is a great way to change up your bedroom wall art and add style to your existing prints. Choose a landscape photo of your favorite vacation spot so you can always be reminded of the good memories you’ve made there.

Creative String Art

With string art, you can create any shape or image imaginable, it all depends on your patience and dedication. Use a corkboard for easy pin attachment, or hammer nails into a wooden board to create the desired image. Then loop the string around each nail in whatever pattern you like for unique wall decoration.

Floating Bookshelves

Construct floating shelves for a decorative and functional bedroom idea. Place books, plants, or any other knick-knacks on the shelves to display what’s important to you and for easy accessibility.

Push Pin World Map

Whether you choose to make your own or buy the map itself, adding pushpins to the places you’ve traveled is the fun part of this interactive wall decor. Choose corkboard, wood, or canvas for a large statement wall art piece for your bedroom.

Wood Wall Art

Wood wall art prints of young family

Add to your modern decor or your natural aesthetic with rustic wood wall art. Use a photo of you and your partner for gorgeous master bedroom wall art that’ll bring the room together. Or, engrave your initials or names for a sweet gift to later hang up on the bedroom wall.

Polaroids and Photo Strips

Compile all the photos you’ve collected at photo booths, or all of your artsy polaroid pictures, and tape them to an empty wall. Arrange them in a cute heart shape, or hang them on a string with clothespins to show off your collection.

Colorful Pegboard

Hang a pegboard as a dual form of organization and decoration to your bedroom. Attach hooks to hang art supplies, sewing and knitting gear, photos, or accessories. Choose a size and color that matches your space and furniture for a unique and functional room decor idea.

Black and White Photograph

Go for a retro look with monochrome prints. Pick out an existing piece you like, or edit one of your own photographs to make it black and white. Pair it with a simple black or white frame, and simply hang the art up solo in your bedroom.

Hang Ceramics

Paint your own ceramics or use your favorite ceramic plate that you never actually eat out of to hang up as wall decoration. You can get as creative as you like with this—there’s no end to the possibilities of ceramic wall art—as long as it matches your style and personality.

Textured Accent Wall

Accent wall with geometric design and kids wall art

An accent wall adds originality and creativity to a room, making one wall stand out significantly. Add your own touch by incorporating wall plaster, wood trim, exposed brick, or different wallpaper patterns to create texture and add excitement to an otherwise boring wall. No further decoration is necessary.

Paint Your Picture Frames

If you want to go extra DIY with your picture frames, buy basic frames, then paint them in the colors and patterns that best reflect you. This is a cheap way to achieve your unique look and add more personality to your wall decor. Follow a color theme for multiple frames to create your one-of-a-kind gallery wall.

Final Thoughts On DIY Wall Art Ideas

Decorating your bedroom takes creativity and imagination, so make sure you have DIY bedroom decor inspiration that works with your style. Hopefully, this list of handmade and custom bedroom wall art has inspired you to create something beautiful for your bedroom walls. After all, your bedroom should be a sanctuary that’s truly yours. The perfect wall art doesn’t have to be costly or difficult to make, so get creative and start crafting your next DIY project.

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