Garage Organization Update

This garage organization has been a full saga these past couple of months. I make progress on one front, while the other gets completely messed up.

Well friends, I thought of giving you a report on how things are going here in the garage.
And the first thing I have to tell you is... This has been lots of work!

I've been spending a huge amount of time in here and it doesn't show!¬†ūüėĒūüėę

Maybe I've been too picky on how to organize stuff, making sure everything is perfectly organized might be the cause this is taking me longer than I anticipated.

Anyhow, let me give you a little recount, starting with this, the Husky Workbench I showed you last week. I had it here in the middle -organized part - of the garage.

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| HUSKY 62 In. W 14-Drawer, Deep Tool Chest Mobile Workbench |

It's final destination was this one, replacing that yellow workbench that I got for free many years ago.

I had already taken some tools from underneath the workbench when I remembered to take a pic. Yep. Everything on, beneath and around the workbench had to be moved to a new location. :/

It took me like three days to sort throughout all those screws, old tools, new tools...
And get the workbench out of here in order to bring the new one to this space.

| DIY - Pegboard  | MILWAUKEE PACKOUT Radio/Speaker | RYOBI tools |

The tools on the pegboard had to be reorganized too.  All those screwdrivers are looking much better inside the new workbench. Their new location are the top three drawers on the left side of it.

This Husky little compartment organizer was brought up here to the pegboard too.

| HUSKY Small Parts Organizer | Husky Level |

And this is how this area of the pegboard is now looking. So good!! I like pegboards, for the most part, tools stay organized up there.

| Ryobi Devour Debris Sweeper |

Here is a wider picture of that left corner area of the garage.

However, looking towards the main door, this is the mess I have right there in the middle of the garage... Old tools that are still good, but I don't know what to do with them. probably, they're gonna be donated when I can go somewhere out there.

I also have some pressure treated lumber that I don't know where to store.
In this right corner here, I have that white cabinet full of tools...  nailers, router, heat gun, etc. The cabinet on top has craft stuff. Both of those cabinets need to go.

The plan is to start building a miter saw station with underneath storage to transfer all the tools from that white cabinet to it.

This past weekend I finally painted the bar stool so, I could send it back inside the house.

And I also gave the elephant in the room a good look. - This dresser has been in here making things even more troublesome.
After close inspection, it turns out, that this pretty dresser I got about a year ago at a flea market for $30 has lots of damage. :(
I patched up some of the holes and damaged veneer, so I could paint it. But then, looking at the drawers, most of them need to be readjusted or glued up again. The dovetail corner joints are all loose. Even the supports inside the cabinet need to be fixed.
It's a big job, the entire cabinet needs to be disassembled, cleaned up and glued up again and right now I prefer to invest my time on finishing the organizing of the garage. I might send the dresser to the basement while I finish here.
If you live in the DMV area and want to revive this beauty, I'll be happy to give it to you. ;)

Two more items taking space in here are an antique table that one of my neighbors gifted me and the wooden screen - room divider - I used in my room as a headboard.
Well guys, this is how this space looked yesterday.  Still a huge mess, but way better than when I started.

For now, let's celebrate the little victories:



|  Best Tool Storage Workbench  |  Charging Station- Tool Storage  |  Pegboard |

Up next projects:

Building the miter saw station with underneath storage
Painting the floor (waiting for warmer days to tackle this project)
Building table saw station
Starting work on mud-room.

Now tell me, what have you been up to during this quarantine?

*This post contains affiliate links.

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