Home Organization Hacks for Small Home


Whether you live in a tiny house in the suburbs or a small townhome in the city, compact homes come with their own unique set of challenges. Finding a place for all of your possessions may not be easy in a small home, but it is possible.

The best

home organization

hacks for small spaces include:

Dividing Rooms into Zones

Under Stairs and Seat Storage

Using High and Low Vertical Space

Optimizing Closet Space

Hanging Items From the Ceiling

Getting Creative with Unexpected Space

Using Tiny Footprints

If you’re ready to make the most of your small home and utilize every inch of space, use these nifty hacks to get it thoroughly organized.

1. Dividing Rooms into Zones

In tiny homes, one room may have to fulfill a variety of purposes. Instead of just clumping furniture together, create zones within the room to separate and define the space’s function. For instance, a spare bedroom can serve as a guest room


home office

. One noteworthy tip recommended by

Good Housekeeping

is positioning a sleeper sofa in one far corner and a desk in the opposite corner. The main room of your home can be divided into the lounge area and dining area. Separate the space with a sofa or the dinner table and decorate the two different zones accordingly.

2. Under Stairs and Seat Storage

If you live in a smaller-sized home or a loft with stairs, make them work double duty by converting the empty space behind them into storage drawers. Using the space behind your stairs is a superb way to safely store items you don’t routinely use, including seasonal clothing and holiday décor. Invest in some custom cabinets and cubbies to easily stash away your items.

Additionally, you can store items under seats! Seats with built-in cubbies and drawers make the perfect hidden-storage options. When purchasing storage-space seats, opt for long benches and deep ottomans that can store lots of possessions.

3. Using High and Low Vertical Spaces

When it comes to organizing your small home, it’s important to go low and high whenever you can. While you may not have ample floor space, you can take advantage of unused vertical space.

Install a pegboard on your kitchen wall to hold pots, pans, and other cooking equipment. Add hooks near your front door to easily hang coats and purses.

You should also be seeking out low storage spaces too. Install drawers or use clear, plastic bins to store shoes and clothing underneath your bed. You can also put decorative wooden crates on the bottom of a bookshelf for a smart and stylish storage option.


Optimizing Closet Space

Creating a closet organization system is vital when you live in a small home. You shouldn’t ever just toss clothing, shoes, and accessories into your closet. They can get damaged, dirty, or lost within your never-ending mountain of items.

Utilize every bit of space within your closet. This includes hangers, drawers, corners, and even the back of the door. Hang clothing you don’t want to be folded, neatly fold t-shirts and undergarments and store them in drawers, and install a shoe rack in a corner or over the door. You can also use a small section of closet wall space to display and store your jewelry.

5. Hanging Items From the Ceiling

Another way to get organized and clear up a cluttered space is to store items from the ceiling. This is especially practical in your kitchen. Install a hanging pot holder on your ceiling to effortlessly store pots and pans. When you go to cook a mouthwatering meal, everything you need is displayed right in front of your face.

6. Get Creative with Unexpected Space

Go over every nook and cranny within your small home to find ways to maximize unexpected spaces. These could include the back of your pantry door, the side of your fridge, or a corner of your bedroom. Install a corner bookcase to hold items and a magnetic spice rack on your fridge to utilize the empty spaces.

7. Use Tiny Footprints

If you do decide to use floor space, keep it as small and tall as possible. Using decorative ladders to hang blankets or planters adds a unique touch to any home. You can also hang baskets on the ladders to stylishly store toys and more.


Organizing a small home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In order to maximize your small space, make use of vertical space, create different zones in one room, optimize unexpected storage spaces, and keep the floors clear.

Having an organized space will make your small home look and feel huge!