Hunting lodges can be your home away from home or maybe your mess away from home if you’re anything like a few friends of mine

Gear organization on hunts is important for making sure your guns and gear are ready to go when you are and when the weather demands it. Sagewood Gear has released an inexpensive alternative to store wall sections for storing your gear with some small Kydex clip hangers that allow you to make use of inexpensive pegboard for organizing and displaying all your gear.

Organize Your Hunting Lodge with Sagewood Gear Clip Hangers

Looking for a way to display your belt mounted equipment? Well we have a solution for you. The Clip Hanger will hold many items that have a belt clip or a belt loop. Knife Sheaths, Pouches, Radios, and many more. Slides on and off with ease. Grab your gear a moments notice.

Made from .125″ kydex, and includes all the hardware you need to mount to Pegboard, Drywall, or just about anywhere else. Can be mounted in a Left, or Right Hand orientation. The notches are made to fit belt loops with a 1.5″ wide belt loop (our standard belt loop size).

Dimensions: 2.75″x1.50″x.125″ Fits Pegboard with 1/4″ holes, and 1″ spacing. Each Clip Hanger Includes- Kydex Hanger x1 3/8″ Long Spacers x2 #10 x 1.25″ Screws x2 Mounting Anchors x2

Now, this isn’t a replacement for your gun safe but it does provide a great way to inexpensively store all of your gun-related gear like lights, radios, knives, and other tools that make use of belt loops or clips for retention. Since each shooting or hunting trip requires different gear, it’s a nice way to keep everything clean and organized which pleases the neat freak inside of me – now all these Clip Hangers need are some labels to round everything out.

Each clip hanger kit costs $7.00 and if you buy 4 or more Clip Hangers you will receive 50 cents off of each additional clip purchased. You can use coupon code ClipHangerPack when you check out for this discount.

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