I made a mobile craft desk organizer using the SKÅDIS pegboard and a plant stand.

IKEA items used: 

4 14″ x22″ SKÅDIS pegboards and their mounting supplies

SKÅDIS pegboard | Buy on IKEA.com

Other materials and tools: 

12″ square wheeled plant stand
Zip ties
Screwdriver and drill with 1/4″ bit

Craft desk organizer instructions:

Attach all 4 pegboards together vertically to form a cube using zip ties at the top and bottom corners.

Cut a piece of MDF (or any wood 3/4″ thick approx) to 12 1/2″ square. Attach the mounting rails that come with the SKÅDIS to the 4 sides of the MDF the same way as a wall mount.

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Insert the MDF into the cube.

Using the mounting screws/bolts attach the cube to the MDF insert as if you were attaching it to a wall. Turn the cube on to the end that you’ve added the MDF top to.

Cut a piece of MDF to 13 7/8″ square.

This time you have no mounting rails as they only come with one per board but you have the screws/bolts that are meant to level the board to the wall. Use your drill to make pilot holes in the edge of the MDF lining up with the first pegboard hole of the now second row of holes.

Then add the screws/bolts as before. Turn cube over so the MDF with the rails is at the top.

Sit the cube on the wheeled plant stand, you could glue it down but the plant sits just under the edge of the cube so it’s secure.

Now add your SKÅDIS accessories.

The reason for the cube to have the rail side as the top is so it has a lip that you can hook non SKÅDIS items such as the SUNNERSTA line designed for the kitchen wall rails.

See the step by step in this video.

~ by Katie Tate

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