If you are looking to make an impression in your kitchen, consider taking the road less travelled with your backsplash choice

If you are looking to make an impression in your kitchen, consider taking the road less travelled with your backsplash choice

Because it’s a relatively small aspect of the cooking space, an unconventional option is relatively risk-free.

Think beyond tiles or glass, both of which while popular and practical materials for a kitchen backsplash, can be somewhat predictable. To get you inspired, we pulled together these unusual backsplash ideas that are definitely not your usual suspects.
1. Faux Brick
A brick backsplash can add plenty of textural interest and rustic character to your kitchen, and we love them for cottage or farmhouse themed homes. Because homes in Singapore are rarely constructed using bricks, peeling away the drywall to reveal a characterful brick wall underneath isn’t going to be an option.

You can consider installing genuine bricks, but they can be expensive. A much cheaper alternative is to use brick veneers or stucco, both of which are also much thinner than real bricks, thus taking up less space. As they are porous, they will need to be regularly sealed if you are using them as a backsplash.

Design: DistinctIdentity
2. Mirror
Nothing expands a space visually like mirrors, and using a mirrored backsplash in your kitchen is one way to open up your petite cooking space. It’s also a great way to let in more light, particularly if you are struggling with a corner kitchen that doesn’t get enough sunlight. If you want a more elegant look, consider tinting the mirror.

Design: Collective Designs

3. Concrete Screed
Looking to save on your renovation budget? A kitchen backsplash made from concrete screed is an affordable choice. The pared-back design works best in minimalist or industrial style kitchens, but it’s not one for fussy homeowners as the porosity of concrete screed means it is highly susceptible to stains. Sealing is a must, but stains can still show up nonetheless, especially if left untreated for too long. You will also have to be prepared for the inevitability of hairline cracks over time.

Design: Artistroom
4. Terrazzo
This comeback material is making its way back into Singapore homes, and we loving seeing it everywhere, including the kitchen backsplash. Terrazzo is a composite material that is made from chips of different types of stones like quartz or marble as well as other materials such as glass that are then set in concrete or epoxy resin. It works very well as a kitchen backsplash because of how hardy it is, but terrazzo does require sealing to prevent penetration of liquids.

Design: The Scientist
5. Copper
Add a little shine into your cooking space with a copper kitchen backsplash. When exposed to moisture, natural copper will develop a green-ish patina over time, which can look beautiful to some. But if you prefer to maintain its original warm hue, consider getting a copper sheet that is mixed in with other metals such as tin or stainless steel. Or have your copper backsplash sealed periodically to prevent it from developing a patina.

Design: Chapter One Interior Design

6. Green Wall
Bring the nature indoors with a kitchen backsplash that is an actual green wall. It’s a great option for dry kitchen areas or a cooking space that receives plenty of sunlight. Avoid using them behind the stove though for safety reasons.

Grow kitchen herbs so you can pluck them fresh for your cooking endeavours and get a self-watering or irrigation system in place to reduce maintenance. No green fingers? Do up a green wall using artificial plants for the same visual effect without all the fuss.

Design: Urban Habitat Design
7. Embossed Metal Sheet
For an industrial flair, try for a kitchen backsplash made from an embossed metal sheet, preferably made from stainless steel as the material is very durable and can withstand high heat and is resistant to moisture. To create a more polished look, the designer chose to have the embossed sheet painted black in the kitchen below.

Design: Space Sense Studio
8. Pegboard
Double up your kitchen backsplash as storage by going with a pegboard backsplash that lets you hang up your cookware and utensils. Not only does it free up countertop space, it also makes it easier to reach for what you need while cooking.

Design: WY-TO


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