IKEA introduced its own pegboard system, SKÅDIS, two years ago and I’d say it’s one of the best systems IKEA launched in recent years

I love how super customisable it is, with a growing range of accessories that help keep things organized.

It works everywhere, in your wardrobe to bathroom. Probably anywhere you have a flat surface to hang it up.

Photo: IKEA.com

SKÅDIS pegboard system
See it on IKEA.com

But no matter how perfect a system, you can trust IKEA hackers to improve on the SKÅDIS. And they’ve settle these 5 issues you may have faced with the handy IKEA pegboard. Read on for their fixes.
5 IKEA SKÅDIS issues and fixes #1 Expensive hooks?
You’ll need quite a number of hooks and accessories to fill up the SKÅDIS pegboard, and Kenyer was shocked at how quickly they all added up.

So he figured he could make his own hooks to save cost.

Photo: Kenyer

Over at Instructables, he shows us how to twist copper wires into the SKÅDIS hook shape. It works surprisingly well too.

Photo: Kenyer

Designing your own hooks lets you bend it to fit different tools. Any type of hooks that IKEA doesn’t sell, you can shape your own.
#2 Hooks that fall off?
Boris wanted to prevent the IKEA SKÅDIS peg hooks from falling out of the board.

He comments, “The hooks are an absolute nightmare to use — unless the hooks are fixed somehow to the board’s slot. I saw it at an IKEA store, they used zip ties (pix below) to fix the hook to the board.

However, this is only possible if the pegboard is not mounted on the wall (to install zip tie through the back). If the board is already mounted on the wall, it is almost non doable.”

IKEA store’s fix

Boris then came up with a solution he calls the Holdilock. “It is easy to install and remove from the board, which allows you to rearrange the hooks when you need to.”

It is essentially a clip that holds the hook in place.

Photo: MVC design

Here’s a video showing how it works. 

Get the SKÅDIS peg hook lock here.
#3 Wasted slots?
Then, there is the Nook Hook, designed to make maximum use of the SKÅDIS pegboard.

Most of the SKÅDIS hooks occupy two slots but the Nook Hook takes only one slot. It has a locking tab to prevent the hook from falling and keeps it firmly in place on the SKÅDIS.

The result? Awesome stuff for hanging little things like necklaces, rings and rolls of washi tape.

And for even something as simple as a small photo frame (which won’t look good on the original IKEA SKÅDIS hook).

Photo: AEKI

Photo: AEKI

Get the Nook Hook here.
#4 Limited accessories?
Have access to a 3D printer?

Then just hop over to Thingiverse and download the 3D printable item for your needs. You’ll find add-ons of all shapes and sizes and for all kinds of storage. A small pegboard mounted shelf, a headphone holder, a tray. For the crafter, a scissors holder perhaps?
Tray Scissors holder
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#5 Mount inside a cabinet?
Want to use the SKÅDIS inside a cabinet like the BESTÅ?

Andreas had the same thought but he wanted the mounting to be as seamless as possible. Out of his personal need, he created a SKÅDIS mounting system specially for the BESTÅ.

It integrates seamlessly with the mounting hardware that’s included with the BESTÅ/SKÅDIS and can be mounted either to a BESTÅ suspension rail or by anchoring a floor standing frame to the wall.

It should work for other cabinets like the METOD or SEKTION too.

Get the Beskåda Pegboard Mount here.

What other ways have you improved on the IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard? Let us know in the comments below.

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