Is it a problem that I see daylight through my shed’s soffit?

First and foremost - please excuse my ignorance and improper use of terminology.

I have a free standing garage with a mono-pitched / shed style roof:

The garage is unfinished inside and I noticed that during the day there is daylight shining through all along the eave / soffit portion (I think that's what it's called. Basically where the high wall meets the top of the roof). I have also noticed a little bit of water damage on the high wall (which may be just do to the older roof) and a lot of / squirrel droppings.

From inside:

From outside:

-Are these gaps normal?

-Should they be sealed up?

-If so - how do I go about doing this? Expanding foam seems like it would make a mess as it expands to the outside.

-I do plan on finishing the inside of the garage at some point - so while I'm up there, would I need to install vents in the soffit?
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