It’s hard to categorize a piece of furniture that can simultaneously meet the needs of home DIY-lovers, professional handymen, and standing-desk aficionados

However, this Ergonomic Mobile Workstation is capable of meeting all these needs – not quite at once, mind you, but just with a few easy level adjustments.

All possible iterations of this workstation will provide you with a set of four heavy-duty swivel wheels (all of them lockable), two drawers, two shelves, and a pegboard side panel to hang your tools. These are all arranged in three tiers or levels, each one with the ability to carry up to 100 pounds worth of materials or tools.

The benchtop offers a 31 x 23-inch flat sturdy surface that you can hammer and bang on. The height can be adjusted between 31 and 45 inches, going all the way from a relatively high laptop desk to a fully featured standing desk and crossing the woodworking workbench and drafting table territory seamlessly.

For a draughtsman or home office worker who needs extra room for their mouse, keyboard, or pencils, an additional side tray can be pulled out after raising the top above 40 inches. All the adjustments are controlled by a set of durable gas struts that have been tested to last for at least 100,000 cycles. All parts of this workstation are covered by Eureka Ergonomic’s 3-year warranty.

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