Large Wall Art For Your Living Room

Large Wall Art For Your Living Room

Your living room is the first thing people see when they visit your home, so you don’t want to leave blank walls bare of home decor. No matter how big or small your living space, your wall decor should reflect your style, and large living room wall art is a great way to show off personality and family values.

Depending on your furniture and interior design, there are many directions you can go in with living room wall decor ideas. Whether you want metal art for a sleek look, canvas paintings for a boho aesthetic, or do-it-yourself decor, large wall art will quickly fill empty walls and make a room feel lived-in and unique. Wall art in any room ties the home together and makes the place more special and interesting. Fill your large spaces with custom wall art pieces that make your home truly yours.

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Large Metal Wall Art

For durable and elegant wall decor that can be used both indoors and outdoors, metal wall art is the way to go. Hanging metal art in the living room can add to a modern or contemporary look by giving the room clean, sleek decor to match functional and simple furniture.

Gallery of Three

Collage of three images.

Go big or go home with large wall art featuring three different images. Stick to a theme and pick photos from the same photoshoot, or randomize this small gallery with multi-colored pictures that’ll stand out as the focal point of the room. Arrange your photos in whatever pattern you want for extra personalization to your gallery of three living room decor.

Montage of Memories

Create your own mini-gallery with a large art piece displaying your favorite memories. Opt for one perfect photo of the family at home from every year you’ve lived in this house for a sweet tribute. Or, showcase the kids growing up by adding a photo for every year since they were born, making sure to denote their ages. A nostalgic collage will make for high-quality living room decor.

Panoramic Metal Wall Art

This uncommon wall art will draw attention in a room and add to the originality of your decor. Whether you choose to hang up a beautiful panoramic landscape you shot yourself on vacation, or a family photo of the entire extended family, panoramic metal art will make for a unique decoration. Hang up by itself as the focal point of a wall or surround it with smaller pieces.

Completely Monochromatic

Go for a nostalgic, retro look with elegant black-and-white metal wall art. Pick an old photo of your grandparents or your favorite old movie star to feature in a large monochromatic piece to add class to your living room. While your furnishings and other decor don’t have to match, monochromatic furniture and black-and-white metal art will help create a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic that looks stylish and chic.

Living room and dining room combination room.

Heart Collage

Put together a heart collage on a large metal wall art piece for a sweet anniversary present to your partner. Choose all the best photos of you two together for a romantic and one-of-a-kind gift you can hang in your home for all to see. Or, include family photos to illustrate that unbreakable bond you share with your children and so you can always look at their cute baby pictures up on your living room wall.

Large Canvas Wall Art

Canvas art can help add a rustic vibe to the living room, especially if it’s already painted and furnished with boho-chic elements. Pick a neutral color palette and decorate your living room with one of these large canvas wall art ideas.

Abstract Watercolors

Canvas is a great medium for artsy watercolors, adding texture and depth to the mix. Whether you decide to make your own abstract art or purchase it, large-scale watercolors will add a pop of color to the room depending on the colors and intensity of the design.

Asymmetric Sizes

For a statement piece that’ll add sophistication to a living or dining room, asymmetric panels are the go-to large wall art option. The asymmetry creates a feeling of originality and style, making the room look much more interesting. This large piece can be the only decor for that wall since it draws all the attention and will dwarf any smaller decorations.

Red couch against white wall.

Custom Collage

Go to town with collage canvas prints. You can choose vertical or horizontal galleries of three, or pick any number of photos to go on a more traditionally shaped canvas piece. Put together cute family photos with one collective picture and solo prints of each family member, or opt for a collage of vacation memories.

Silhouette Cut-out on Canvas

While this is a DIY project, a silhouette cut-out works and looks best on canvas. Pick an image you’d like to appear as a silhouette, print and cut it out, then paste onto the canvas to paint over. This simple project will make for a beautiful and original piece of art to hang in your living room while practicing your creative abilities.

Large Framed Wall Art

Fill your wall space with art prints in picture frames to add extra style to the living room. Different frames can make the art look eclectic and creative while keeping them uniform will create a more organized and polished feel.

Rustic Wood Frame

Choose one photo or multiple to paste into a rustic wood frame that’ll add to your modern, homely decor. Keep it organic and natural with wood frames for all your large living room art, varying only the colors of the wood so your decor doesn’t look repetitive.

Gallery Wall

Brick wall with hanging pictures.

Use framed hanging art and photos to create a gallery wall on one end of the living room. Framed pictures are a must for a gallery wall since this is what makes it look organized and artistic rather than a hodge-podge assortment of photos and drawings. Fill one wall with art to showcase personality and your interior design skills.

Inspirational Messages

Line your living room or entryway walls with inspirational messages to motivate you before leaving the house. Print your favorite inspiring quote, such as, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for,” then frame it for art that reflects your mindset. Give yourself a little boost every day with a framed message that inspires you to be your best self.

Keep It Asymmetrical

Add originality to your decor by pairing multiple pieces in asymmetric patterns or hanging panels of different shapes and sizes. Get creative with your large wall art and mix and match framed prints in asymmetric ways for an unconventional decoration style. Keep furniture and other decor simple to highlight the large asymmetrical wall art.

DIY Large Wall Art

If you’d rather make your wall art decor, there are many options that’ll give you something amazing to hang in your living room. Go the extra mile to personalize this space with DIY wall art ideas that’ll fill your walls in an original and unique way.

Giant Pegboard

Living room wall with pegboards.

Create a functional and decorative living room element by constructing a giant pegboard that encompasses the entire wall. Pegboards are useful additions to any room, but in a living room, they can be used to hold plants, hanging art, a clock, or any home decor you can think of. A giant pegboard will fill up empty wall space and add a creative vibe to the room.

DIY World Map

If you’re a world traveler who loves visiting new places and exploring new cultures, this DIY cork board map is the living room wall art for you. Make or purchase an oversized corkboard world map and make it the focal point of your living room decor. Make this map fun and interactive, especially for kids, with colorful push pins to stick into the places you’ve traveled.

Large String Wall Art

Opt for large-scale string art for a cool wall hanging that shows off your creative side. Utilize a cork or wood board and either pins or nails, then wrap different colored string around in a fun pattern. String art can be abstract or a specific shape or image—whatever feels right for the look and feel of your living room. This fun art project will give you original, imaginative art to decorate any room.

Song Lyric Wall Art

This large wall art idea displays personality and is a unique addition to your decor. Pick a song lyric you love, then find a painting that’s damaged, a duplicate, or just one you don’t like. Then, paste letter stickers over it to create the song lyric and paint over everything in a contrasting color. Voilà, you have a beautiful and original piece of art for your living room.

Mix Oversized Wall Lettering

Wall painted with message

Use large wall letters to add charm to your home. Place the letters to spell out “HOME,” hang the first letter of your last name, or write out a sweet quote like “Home is where the heart is.” Either way, mix and match oversized wall lettering to display a fun message on your living room wall.

Additional Decorating Ideas

Decorating your living room can be a challenging task, especially because a larger room means more empty wall space to fill. Your decor should work with the design style, the furnishing, and most of all, reflect your and your family’s personalities. Make sure you choose large wall art ideas for your living room that match your style and give your space a truly unique look.

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